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Local Government Use Case: Transition to a Cybersecurity Platform to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency PDF

As new digital technologies or threats emerge, the traditional approach has been to add new, discrete security appliances and solutions to the network and its elements. As security products proliferate, so do costs and operational complexity, while network and security teams struggle to get a comprehensive view of traffic and potential threats. Read a real-world example of how a local government adopted elements of the Security Operating Platform over time, and how the platform approach helps them  prevent 1M threats a month from impacting city operations.

Business Benefits 

  • Reduce risk of business interruption or data breaches with automated threat identification and prevention across cloud, network, and endpoints
  • Decrease security costs and demand on security resources with fewer devices, unified security data, and automation
  • Enable productivity with granular security policies that meet the needs of different departments

Operational Benefits 

  • Unify security visibility across your endpoints, networks, and cloud resources.
  • Leverage existing security investments while expanding security capabilities as needed.
  • Reduce manual work of correlating threats and logs across multiple security devices and solutions.
  • Reduce manual work of creating and maintaining security policy rules for each solution.
  • Improve visibility and simplify compliance by leveraging a consolidated set of screens, dashboards, logs and reports on a variety of security threats, including attempts at data exfiltration. 

Security Benefits 

  • Prevent cyberattacks by
  • Automatically correlating threat intelligence feeds and insights across cloud, network, servers and endpoints
  • Continually updating threat prevention to every platform sensor - endpoint, network or cloud
  • Reduce risks by
  • Eliminating shadow IT with granular policies and application visibility across network, SaaS, and cloud