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Palo Alto Networks Delivers Internet Safety and Compliance for One of Texas' Largest School Districts

Garland Independent School District Upgrades Infrastructure With PA-4000 Next-Generation Firewall; Controls Evasive Applications For 57,000 Students
Sunnyvale, Calif
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Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Experts to Demystify Recent Cybersecurity Concerns at an Event Near You

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced that members of its Unit 42 threat intelligence team will present at government, industry and cybersecurity events in October and November 2014.
Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks Credited with Discovering Multiple Adobe Flash Player Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities Could Allow an Attacker to Take Control of the Affected System
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Palo Alto Networks Names Chuck Robel to Board of Directors

Technology-industry veteran to serve as chairman of company's audit committee
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Palo Alto Networks Uncovers Critical Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Credits Next-Generation Firewall Provider with Identifying Vulnerability That Affects All Platforms Running Adobe Flash Player
San Jose, Calif.
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Palo Alto Networks Research Shows New Twist on Old Cyberattack Method Targeting Mobile Devices

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the next-generation security company, today revealed details of a new “BackStab” attack used to steal private information from mobile device backup files stored on a victim’s computer.
Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks Executives and Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Researchers to Present at RSA Conference 2015

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced that several of its executives and members of its Unit 42 threat intelligence team will present at RSA Conference 2015 sessions in San Francisco this week.
Santa Clara
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Palo Alto Networks Discovers Two Critical Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave Players

Vulnerabilities Allow Attackers to Execute Code and Take Control of Systems
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Nicolet National Bank Trusts Palo Alto Networks for Application Visibility and Control

Regional Bank Uses PA-4000 Series to Increase Security and Improve Compliance Reporting; Updates and Consolidates Security Infrastructure
San Jose, Calif.
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Delta Holding

Delta Holding eliminated ransomware and gained a comprehensive shield against malware and zero-day attacks with Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Security Platform.
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North-West University

Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform with high-capacity Next-Generation Firewalls deployed in a high-availability configuration, enabled with threat prevention and integrated cloud-based threat analysis
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Maine Township High School District

Why Maine Township HS District 207 chose Palo Alto Networks Security Platform with Aruba ClearPass to secure network access for students, faculty and staff.
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Ascham School

Founded in 1886, Ascham School is a non-selective day and boarding school for girls located in Sydney, Australia. The framework for teaching and learning at Ascham is the Dalton Plan, which encourages students to take responsibility for and ownership of their own learning, supported closely by their teachers. Students in years 5–12 are involved in the Personal Device Program which allows them to bring a device of their choice to support their learning. The program offers students flexible access to technology-rich content to facilitate and support academic achievement and encourages students to personalize their use of technology.
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SunRice was formed in 1950 when ricegrowers pooled their funds to establisha co-operative and built a rice mill inLeeton, a small town in New SouthWales, Australia. Today, the company hasgrown to become a $1 billion global foodbusiness supplying diverse and nutritiousfood products to more than 60 countries,including across Asia, the Pacific, MiddleEast and the United States. SunRiceemploys more than two thousand peopleacross its global operations and is widelyconsidered to be an Australian icon.SunRice is the quintessential “local kidmakes good” story. Officially knownas Ricegrowers Limited, SunRice hasblossomed into one of the world’s largestrice food companies while retaining itsroots in the Australian farming regionwhere it was founded in 1950.
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Citrix and Palo Alto Networks Team to Securely Deliver Applications over Next-Generation Networks

Partnership to Accelerate Cloud Networking Architectures to Meet Growing Demand among Enterprise Customers
Santa Clara, CA
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Unit 42、MAPPでMicrosoft のトップクラス脆弱性報告貢献者に認定

パロアルトネットワークス脅威インテリジェンスリサーチチームUnit 42は、その脆弱性研究への貢献により、ゼロデイ脆弱性発見貢献者トップスリーを含む、数々のアワードをMicrosoft社より受賞しました。このほか同社のMost Valuable Security Researchers(最も価値のあるセキュリティ リサーチャー)年次リストには、同チームのリサーチャーGal De LeonとBar Lahavの両名が認定されました。 「Vulnerability Top Contributor(脆弱性報告トップ貢献者)」でUnit 42は3位を獲得し、今年のMicrosoft Active Protections Program(MAPP)のContributing Partners(貢献度の高いパートナー)アワードの2つのカテゴリで認定をいただいた唯一のリサーチ グループとなりました。 「Microsoftに脆弱性を責任あるかたちで開示した点や、それが同社のパッチ開発と顧客保護に必要な情報の提供につながったという点をMSRCチームに評価していただいたことを光栄に思います」とGal De Leon氏はコメントしました。 Unit 42は2018年7月1日から2019年6月30日の間に27件のゼロデイ脆弱性をMicrosoftに報告しました。このなかには、すでにインターネット上での悪用が見つかっていたWindows Error Reporting(WER)コンポーネントにおけるゼロデイのローカル権限昇格脆弱性も含まれます。WERの脆弱性の詳細は、7月2日に公開されたUnit 42ブログ「 Windowsエラー報告 (WER)ゼロデイ脆弱性(CVE-2019-0863)概要」をお読みください。 「ゼロデイ脆弱性」は、正規アプリケーションやオペレーティングシステムのコードに存在する悪用可能な欠陥のうち、その時点までに公開されていなかったものを指しています。そうしたゼロデイ脆弱性が攻撃者に悪用されると、最新セキュリティ対策を適用している環境であっても、組織の防御がきわめて難しくなります。 Unit 42チームのリサーチャーが4年連続でMicrosoftセキュリティレスポンスセンター(MSRC)の「Most Valuable Security Researchers」プログラムの認定をいだたいたことをチーム一同非常に喜んでいます。また、ラスベガスで開催されたBlack Hatカンファレンスで発表された今年のアワードで表彰された75人のリサーチャーの皆様全員に敬意を表します。 MSRCコミュニティプログラムのセキュリティプログラムマネージャーであるSylvie Liuによれば、Microsoftは脆弱性レポートの量、影響度、正確さにもとづいて受賞者を決めているそうです。 パロアルトネットワークスは、Adobe、Apple、Google Android、Microsoftをふくむ各ベンダのエコシステムで、200件以上の脆弱性を特定してきました。 脆弱性を積極的に特定して自社顧客にむけた保護機能を開発しつつ、セキュリティコミュニティとも情報を共有することで、私たちは組織を脅かす攻撃者の武器を排除しています。パロアルトネットワークスはMicrosoft Active Protections Programの主要参加企業のひとつで、同プログラムから早期に脆弱性情報の提供をうけることにより、次世代ファイアウォールThreat Prevention セキュリティサービスのサブスクリプションや、Traps Advanced Endpoint Protectionを通じたお客様への予防的保護の提供を行っています。 Unit 42チームは、ゼロデイ脆弱性をふくむ様々な脅威に関する調査報告を脅威インテリジェンスリサーチブログで公開しています。    
John Harrison,
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Palo Alto Networks and Plixer

Performance and accountability of Enterprise IT infrastructure has shifted from an incidental focus to real-time visibility for proactive monitoring and compliance mandates. Network security devices have traditionally posed a blind spot for network monitoring and management solutions by typically restricting output to basic network parameters such as NAT tables and traffic session. Palo Alto Networks breaks this barrier by providing unprecedented visibility of user and application usage information via Netflow, the industry standard protocol for network monitoring. Plixer’s™ Scrutinizer software collects and analyzes Netflow data to monitor and report on overall health of the network.
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Protecting Data in the Cloud with Prisma SaaS

Learn how to discover the hidden risks and threats of SaaS applications by utilizing a cloud access security broker (CASB) such as Prisma SaaS to protect your data through visibility and protections that are consistent across all your SaaS applications.
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Safely Enable Microsoft Office 365

SaaS applications continue to provide a tremendous value to end users with easy setup and collaboration capabilities that are changing the way organizations do business. The concern over the loss of control of data leaving the corporate network and opening the network to external threats through unknown collaborators has caused many organizations to take a wait and see approach to SaaS. Microsoft® Office 365™ changes all that. Now SaaS services come with the application that many consider the most indispensable tool in business today: Microsoft Office. This pushes SaaS security to the forefront of most organizations and means it can no longer be ignored.
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URL Filtering at a Glance

Learn how we provide safe web browsing with our URL Filtering service Reduce the risk of infection from dangerous websites and protect users and data from malware and credential-phishing pages Protection across the attack lifecycle through integration with WildFire and the Next-Generation Security Platform Keep protections synchronized with the latest threat intelligence through our cloud-based URL categorization for phishing, malware and undesired content Full visibility and threat inspection into normally opaque web traffic through granular control over SSL decryption
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Endpoint Epidemic Report

Federal agencies are facing an explosion of endpoints in both volume and variety. How are Federal IT managers handling this endpoint epidemic? What¹s the best approach to building an effective, practical, and enforceable endpoint strategy? What are the challenges and what¹s the path forward? To find out, MeriTalk and Palo Alto Networks examined endpoint security strategies and efforts across the U.S. Federal government, surveying 100 Federal IT managers and 100 non-IT Federal employees.
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SilverTerrier: The Rise of Nigerian Business Email Compromise

Through our analysis, it remains clear that Nigerian cyber actors will continue to expand their attacks in terms of size, scope and capabilities. According to law enforcement organizations, the exposed losses to businesses worldwide from these threat actors are now estimated to be more than US$3 billion. Given the substantial risk these actors pose, we present techniques to enable large-scale attribution efforts to combat this threat. In doing so, we demonstrate a repeatable and sustainable process to identify SilverTerrier infrastructure and put preventive measures in place prior to the first samples of malware reaching our security products.
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City of Glendale

The City of Glendale is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, Eric Brumm, Deputy Chief Information Officer oversees the Infrastructure Services Division, which acts like a service provider to 14 different departments within the City of Glendale. Mr. Brumm discusses how his team replaced their legacy firewall solution with Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform and can now easily build powerful protection policies and have the visibility to see what is going in the background as traffic is flowing through the city’s network.
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Protect Workloads in the Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, can quickly and economically accommodate unexpected or temporary business computing workloads. Many aviation organizations are extending their private data centers to the public cloud for a hybrid cloud model for competitive and operational benefits. In the aviation industry, concerns over data, workloads, siloed legacy systems, processes, infrastructure security and latency are still a major concern. Regardless of where data resides, is ultimately the target of malicious entities. Learn how Palo Alto Networks is taking care of this challenge.
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Are your point of sale environments protected?

An often-forgotten area in the enterprise network which poses a significant risk to your organization if compromised are Building Management/Automation Systems (BMS/BAS).
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CoolReaper: The Coolpad Backdoor

CoolReaper: The Coolpad Backdoor New research from Unit 42 confirms security risk in Coolpad devices Palo Alto Networks researchers have uncovered CoolReaper, a backdoor contained in millions of Android devices sold by manufacturer Coolpad. CoolReaper exposes users to potential malicious activity and appears to have been installed and maintained by Coolpad despite objections from customers. Due to the unique way Coolpad modifies the Android OS, it is difficult for Android antivirus programs to identify and remove this backdoor.
Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA
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XDR must deliver a wide range of common EDR capabilities to provide efficient and effective security against modern attacks, while also integrating with other key prevention, detection, and response tools across the infrastructure. The following RFP checklist includes requirements within nine key categories to help you evaluate the quality of the platforms you’re considering. Use this checklist as a starting point and tailor it to your company’s needs to ensure you’re able to identify vendors that can best support your organization.
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Palo Alto Networks and Citrix Partnership

The number of smartphones and tablets accessing data on the corporate networks is exploding. Some of these devices are enterprise owned, while many others are user owned. The new IT challenge deals with balancing security with end-user freedom, particularly on personally owned devices. These challenges intensify when considering the increasing demand for application and data access on smartphones and tablets. These devices and apps create new threat vectors that must be addressed by IT executives to prevent data leakage of sensitive corporate information.
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The Attacker’s Mindset: Insights into real-world attack campaigns

This paper examines the attacker’s mindset, first providing insights into the motivations and high-level methods shaping today’s threat landscape and accelerating the need for endpoint security technologies capable of preventing – not just detecting – both known and unknown threats.
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Accelerate Threat Intel

Globally correlated threat intelligence and automatic, near real-time security updates create consistent protections across your entire network, endpoint and cloud – so you can prevent threats across the full attack lifecycle, stopping known threats instantly and unknown threats in minutes, instead of hours or days. This puts the largest collection of unknown malware data at your fingertips, allowing you to automatically turn analysis efforts for unique, targeted attacks into proactive protections.
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