Identify, manage and reduce cyber risk with the Security Operating Platform

Align with NIST guidelines for managing cyber risk

The Cybersecurity Framework from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology gives you a structured way to identify and mitigate risk and cyberthreats. The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform aligns with the NIST CSF, simplifying compliance with other NIST publications or regulatory bodies, such as PCI.


Mapping the Security Operating Platform to the NIST CSF

The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform helps organizations around the world achieve their compliance goals, click here to read about how the Security Operating Platform maps into and helps to lower risk with the NIST CSF.


Network Security

Adopt best practices using app, user and content-based policies to minimize opportunities for attack.

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Advanced Endpoint Protection

Blocks exploits, ransomware, malware and fileless attacks to minimize infected endpoints and servers.

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Cloud Security

Speed up multi-cloud deployments, with continuous compliance validation, through deep integrations with native cloud services and automation tools.

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Cloud-Delivered Security Services

Confidently automate threat identification and prevention everywhere.

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Cortex platform

Consume security innovations quickly using ecosystem partner apps that integrate tightly into the platform.

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