What are the cybersecurity needs of the public sector?

How can industry meet those needs today and into the future?

With our new data-driven culture, data must be and is everywhere. Everyone – Minister to citizen, student to patient, ally to ally – becomes both the "supplier" and the "consumer" of the government's information. The users of this information – military mission data, healthcare pandemic data, natural disaster insights, SCADA operations and more – need and expect more data. At faster speeds. In more places. As they want and need it.

Government information – and the communication of that information – is of critical value to adversaries: nation-states, terrorists, or other enemies of the state. The threat of impending attack against government IT and control systems running critical infrastructure and sensors is a steady threat. The sense of urgency is real.

About the Council

Palo Alto Networks Public Sector Advisory Council is an organization of retired military and civilian officers who advise Palo Alto Networks on the cybersecurity challenges and technology needs of the world's governments. Where has industry not yet met the needs of the government? How must the vendor community evolve to meet those needs?

Where do capabilities exist that have been slow to adopt but could otherwise significantly enhance the cyber capacity of government? The advice of this council will help answer these questions and, ultimately, improve the quality of cybersecurity available to the world's government institutions.