Hands-on training for how to protect your ICS and SCADA networks

Cybersecuring Industrial Control Systems in Critical Infrastructure is a daunting task with rapid IT-OT convergence, an increasingly sophisticated APT landscape, and unique organizational and operational requirements of "OT". During this free 2-hour workshop event, practitioners will learn through ICS-specific hands-on labs how best practices and technologies could be applied to more effectively cybersecure ICS and SCADA environments using the Palo Alto Networks Next-generation Security Platform.

Hands-on Lab Activities and Learning Objectives

  • VLAN Insertion – Gain better OT traffic visibility (layer 7), even in “flat” networks
  • ICS Protocol Visibility, Whitelisting, Signature Customization – Identify and control ICS protocols and application
  • User-ID Enforcement – Implement role-based access controls in OT environments
  • Threat Prevention (IDS/IPS) – Detect and prevent exploitation of OT hosts
  • Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection – Directly protect OT hosts (HMI, engineering WS, automation servers) from zero-day exploits and malware

Here’s what others have to say about the ICS HOW


“This workshop was absolutely wonderful. I am very excited to be able to go back and discuss implementation of some of the strategies discussed. The hands-on workshop provided me with a real-world scenario and how Palo alto firewalls can provide the visibility and control to stop attacks on the ICS network. Thank you for getting the capabilities of the product out to us and letting us play in the sandbox.”
- Security Coordinator Lead for Energy IT Operations at Large Gas and Electric Utility


“It was really fun and reinforced a lot of things that we are doing here at the City. I was wondering if PANW offers these virtual labs up to Fuel chairs (I run our local area Fuel group) where I could teach the course to others that are interested. We have a lot of energy companies here and I’m sure we would drive a pretty good amount of foot traffic to the Fuel event.
- IT Security Manager at Large Municipal Water Utility


“Great hands on experience! The lab helps cement the theory of protecting ICS environments, turning it into an active defense strategy. Palo Alto pushes far beyond the bounds of a security vendor, but instead becomes a partner in your security strategy.”
- Sr. Security Analyst at Major Natural Gas Utility


“The lab was an excellent proof-of-concept, it didn’t feel like a ‘sales’ event, and the speakers were knowledgeable.”
- Security Administrator at Global Oil and Gas Company

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