Revolutionize mobile network security

Protect life on the go, deliver a superb experience

A new security approach for mobile networks

Mobile Network Operators can accelerate “life on the go” and build their business by offering advanced 4G, 5G and IoT services – as long as their security can keep pace. However, cyberthreats targeting mobile devices and IoT are increasingly difficult to see and stop, and they are impacting both networks and users.

Palo Alto Networks® prevents successful cyberattacks and protects both network availability and the mobile user experience. The Security Operating Platform gives MNOs unprecedented visibility into data and signaling traffic, provides automation and consistent security across network locations, and enables MNOs to rapidly adopt new security innovations.


A platform enabling continuous security innovation


Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform


Platform Benefits

See and stop advanced cyberthreats

Gain the highest levels of visibility across the entire mobile network to prevent the most advanced cyberattacks before they impact 4G and 5G mobile services.

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Automate security operations

Establish cost-effective and scalable mobile network security through high levels of automation. Achieve consistent security across all locations and deployments at the lowest TCO.

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Easily deploy security innovations

Stay ahead of evolving security threats and ensure new security innovations can be deployed quickly with an extensible Cortex platform.

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Improve security effectiveness

Consistent security with all network evolutions

As mobile operators continue to rapidly evolve networks to 4G and 5G, adoption of new architectures with cloud and virtualization technologies (NFV, SDN, Cloud RAN, etc.) will be critical for enabling agile and scalable networks. The Palo Alto Networks platform ensures that MNOs can consistently evolve their security architectures.


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