Your educational institution relies on Microsoft for daily operations. Learn how Palo Alto Networks protects your Microsoft infrastructure from cyberthreats and helps you maintain a safe and available learning environment – from endpoints to your network to the cloud.

Whether your institution uses Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Active Directory, other Microsoft applications, or Windows endpoints and servers, Palo Alto Networks helps reduce your attack surface area and enable consistent security no matter where your users and data reside. Our next-generation security platform offers complete visibility into the applications, content, and users in your network, in the cloud, and in SaaS environments. Automatic sharing of threat intelligence and continually updated protections block ransomware and other malware, targeted attacks, credential theft attempts, and other threats before they can impact your students or operations.

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Lower your cybersecurity risk

Ever wonder what is on your network that you can’t see? A Security Lifecycle Review is a free, custom risk assessment that examines your network traffic and generates a comprehensive report. Gain visibility into your applications and how often they’re used, including Office and Office 365, SharePoint, Skype, SQL Server and more. Identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your institution, including unsanctioned or high-risk apps, malware, and others. Use what you learn to take action and reduce risk.

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Review your cybersecurity plan

Do you need a third party to review your cybersecurity prevention capabilities? A prevention Posture Assessment is a complimentary service that surveys your current and future security plans, identifies any gaps, and provides recommendations to boost your prevention capabilities.

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Familiarize yourself with Next-Generation Security

Your valuable IT resources need help protecting students, endpoints, data and networks from ever-changing cyberthreats. Get behind the wheel of our Next-Generation Security Platform and learn how highly automated and integrated elements work together to identify and repel threats before they can steal data or impact operations. Gain hands-on experience and learn innovative ways you can improve security posture—without impacting user experiences or increasing the workload on your IT or security teams.  Choose from one of eight different tracks.

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Prevent data loss and threats from impacting Office 365

Microsoft has invested significantly to ensure Office 365 is a safe place to store your data. However, it’s up to you to ensure staff and students use these applications correctly, and prevent malware or other attack from infiltrating application files or spreading in your institution. Discover how Palo Alto Networks enables you to gain visibility into SaaS applications, set policies on usage, and prevent today’s known and unknown threats from impacting them. 

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Secure Azure deployments

If you’ve invested in cloud infrastructure, we can help you secure it. Learn how to improve your Azure security posture with application-specific policies and advanced threat prevention enabled by the VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewall for Azure. The VM-Series for Azure Test Drive is a one-hour, hands-on experience that provides an overview of the user interface, policy creation and logging.

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Protect Windows endpoints and servers

Palo Alto Networks TrapsTM Advanced Endpoint Protection is a lightweight multi-method solution and an integral part of the Next-Generation Security Platform. On its own or as part of the platform, the award-winning Traps stops targeted and generalized threats aimed at your endpoints, including ransomware. Traps supports a plethora of new and older Windows operating system environments: laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual machines. For a complete list of supported environments, visit the Traps Compatibility Matrix webpage.

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