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  • Available Cyber Range classes
    • Level I - Free full-day Cyber Range, focusing on network security best practices
  • Participant options:
    • Single-organization, cross-team exercise – practitioners from multiple teams within the same company; minimum eight people
    • Multiple organizations – one or more practitioners per company; maximum 12 people
  • Locations:
    Global Palo Alto Networks® campuses:
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Washington, D.C., area (Reston, Va.)
    • Santa Clara, Calif. (Palo Alto Networks headquarters)


Cyber Range solution brief

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You are invited to participate in Cyber Range, the next step in cyber security training. Simulating realistic attacks, you practice and sharpen your cyber security strategy and skills. Cyber Range shines, both as a training tool and as a highly interactive, cross-disciplinary team-building experience. You and your team will: Master skills and techniques by identifying and preventing live threats with best practice tips from our experienced instructors. Create and test different strategies by researching and responding to real-world threats. Strengthen your execution by testing your prevention process during full cyberattack lifecycle scenarios. As part of our ongoing commitment to your team’s success in securing your organization’s network(s), we are offering your team this high value training at no cost. Note: This is not a Palo Alto Networks product training. If you are interested in product training, please speak to your account rep or visit this webpage. Learn more about Cyber Range here. Secure your spot today. Pre-requisite In order to get the most out of your Cyber Range training, you should either be familiar with firewall policy creation or, prior to attending, take a Virtual Ultimate Test Drive for a guided, hands-on experience doing so.
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Reston, VA
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