A Smarter Way to Train

Cyber Range challenges participants to maintain the availability, scalability, security, and stability of the network and application infrastructure most often targeted and affected by cyberattacks. Cyber Range instructors simulate network functions and traffic to create a realistic network experience. A typical Cyber Range session consists of five teams:

  • Green Team: Creates “legitimate” user and server application traffic.
  • Red Team: Acts as malicious users and malicious or compromised servers.
  • Yellow Team: Simulates innocent users clicking on phishing links or unknowingly installing malicious applications and compromising the network’s security.
  • White Team: Launches cyberattack scenarios, creates traffic and monitors the success or failure of the Blue Team in terms of incident handling and scenario response.
  • Blue Team: Represents the network operations center, security operations center and Cyber Incident Response Team.

Advanced Training for Your Advanced Teams

  • Cyber Range options:
    • Free four- or eight-hour Cyber Range sessions, focusing on network security best practices
  • Participant options:  
    • Single-organization, cross-team exercise – practitioners from multiple teams within the same company; minimum eight people
    • Multiple organizations – one or more practitioners per company; maximum 12 people
  • Locations:
    Global Palo Alto Networks® campuses:
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Washington, D.C., area (Reston, Va.)
    • Santa Clara, Calif. (Palo Alto Networks headquarters)
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Want to design a Cyber Range training specifically for your teams?

We’ll provide the technology and software, and work with you to identify the right time, location and framework to teach them the skills they’ll need to keep your organization safe. Drop us a note, and let’s start building your customized training today.