Palo Alto Networks for Cyber Range network and operations

Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform has formed the Blue team foundation of military, critical national infrastructure and other exercises for years. That’s why it’s ready to be a critical component of your own Cyber Range.


Why Palo Alto Networks for Cyber Range

Palo Alto Networks appliances (both virtual and physical) have been selected for Cyber Ranges globally for 4 primary reasons:

Comprehensive threat prevention.

Providing comprehensive and swift threat prevention across the broadest variety of threats to government and commercial enterprise networks today, and across the cyber attack life cycle.

  • Students can fight the latest, real threats – not ones simplified for the Blue team to be able to find and prevent.

Ease of Administrator/Instructor/Controller set-up

  • A platform approach. Streamlined operations across critical security functions to form the foundation of Blue team defenses. In one appliance.
  • Faster set-up and reset times, more simplified network topology and operations for Cyber Range staff.

Student ease of use and adoption

  • Easy-to-comprehend GUI. More student time in real exercises, less time training on their Blue team defensive technology.

Comprehensive visibility to focus on what matters.

It’s not realistic to simply block everything as a standard business practice. With user, content and application visibility, students can focus on what matters, and make informed decisions to balance business requirements with security risk to data and networks. They can see:

  • Status of content – good/bad/unknown
  • Most prolific applications on the network, and who is using them
  • Insight into auto-generated signatures for newly detected malicious content

Students can then:

  • Act on corporate policies for sanctioned, tolerated, and unsanctioned applications.
  • Enforce zero-trust to allow the business to run effectively, while protecting critical assets.