Get the latest interactive cyber defense training to keep your IT network, infrastructure, OT, DevOps and SecOps teams razor-sharp. Why? The more security-savvy your staff becomes, the better they’ll be able to develop and execute the most comprehensive security strategy both today and tomorrow.

A cross-disciplinary training tool and a highly immersive team-building experience, Cyber Range is an exciting and fun way to effectively train all your front-line people.

As your network expands, effective cross-team communication, best practices and cutting-edge security acumen become even more critical to protect it. Cyber Range is an ideal way to …

Create and test different strategies

Research and respond to real-world threats culled from the internet in the safe Cyber Range environment.

Master skills and techniques

Practice identifying and preventing live threats using our advanced Next-Generation Security Platform, with best practice tips and tricks from our experienced instructors.

Strengthen your execution

Build and test end-to-end prevention process excellence while exercising against other teams during full-on cyberattack lifecycle scenarios.

Cyber Range participants receive a certificate of attendance according to the levels and types of courses they complete.