Mission Statement

Unit 42 is the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team. Made up of accomplished cybersecurity researchers and industry experts, Unit 42 gathers, researches, analyzes, and provides insights into the latest cyber threats, then shares them with Palo Alto Networks customers, partners and the broader community to better protect enterprise, service provider, and government computing environments.

Unit 42 also unearths adversary groups by analyzing data collected from the Palo Alto Networks security platform to provide context into an attacker’s motivations and methods. Using Critical Intelligence Requirements, we determine what data is necessary to answer questions about threats to Palo Alto Networks and our customers. We collect this data from both internal and external sources and run it through a detailed threat analysis process.

Unit 42 is fully supported by the Palo Alto Networks engineering team, which offers years of experience in detecting and preventing attacks against the enterprise. 

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