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Research Reports

Forrester: The 2021 State of Enterprise Breaches

As the cyber landscape continues to grow, being prepared is crucial to minimizing the organizational impact.

While the Forrester report, “The 2021 State of Enterprise Breaches”, found enterprises spend a median of 37 days and a mean of $2.4 million to find and recover from a breach, Forrester also discovered preparation can make a big difference. Those organizations that made investments to align their business and security strategies and implemented incident and crisis response plans, along with an incident response retainer, were generally able to recover faster than those that had failed to prepare.

Download the report now to get insights into the current threat landscape, security decision-makers challenges, and priorities, and understand:

  • The speed, frequency, and damage of various breaches.
  • The correlation between the cost of breaches and the lack of incident and crisis response plans.
  • The comparison between breach concerns and actual breach causes.
  • How to adapt security strategies and planning to generate better outcomes.