Prevent successful attacks and maintain critical operations

Secure your connected, distributed environments

Thousands of oil and gas industry enterprises worldwide count on Palo Alto Networks to prevent successful cyberattacks, safeguard data and optimize operations.



Embrace the possibilities of the digital age

Oil and gas asset owners are seeing increasing digitization and integration of operational technology (OT) and third-party support networks. What’s the key to securing highly-connected and distributed IT and OT environments so you can explore new business opportunities?

The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform prevents successful cyberattacks from disrupting operational and corporate IT environments. Tight integration across the platform and with ecosystem partners delivers consistent security across cloud, network, industrial IoT and mobile devices.


Reference Blueprint for ICS/SCADA systems

Using this blueprint enables IT and OT professionals to maintain or improve facility operations while maintaining the availability of the plant network and protecting plant processes.

Securely modernize and integrate OT networks

Increase network visibility

Get enterprise-wide insight into network usage and risks with granular application and user visibility over IT and OT traffic.

Tech brief

Dramatically reduce attack paths

Contain attacks with granular network segmentation and access controls based on Zero Trust, least privilege and role-based access.

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Modernize security for a cloud-connected world

See how a customer achieved PCI compliance for remote data collection devices by segmenting traffic and preventing malicious traffic from penetrating its cloud-based corporate data center.

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Prevent successful attacks across IT and OT infrastructure

Detect and stop IT- and OT-specific exploits

Thwart unknown exploits from OT-specific malware to ransomware using tightly integrated network and endpoint security.


Prevent disruption of OT networks and endpoints

Stop advanced threats from impacting availability or uptime of legacy OT endpoints and networks.


Maintain compliance with less effort

Save time with continuous validation of the compliance of cloud deployments with customizable compliance reports and controls.


Streamline operations to reduce opex

Extend the life of existing infrastructure, unify cybersecurity approaches and encourage teamwork, and fine-tune control systems’ operating parameters and incident response.

Learn how to prevent targeted and zero-day attacks from exploiting software vulnerabilities within your ICS and SCADA networks.


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