Security Researcher Acknowledgments for Palo Alto Networks

The Palo Alto Networks Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) and Security Operations Center (SOC) would like to acknowledge the following security researchers who have helped strengthen our cloud services and corporate infrastructure, as well as customers’ security, by finding and reporting security vulnerabilities to us via responsible disclosure. Security researchers are an integral part of the cybersecurity community, and we are thankful to the individuals and organizations below for helping us improve our services by privately disclosing one or more security vulnerabilities in our cloud services and corporate infrastructure, and working with us to address them. They are:


Shubham Garg, Information Security Engineer at ACPL Systems
Dr. Oliver Matula, Tobias Kopf and Frieder Steinmetz of ERNW GmbH.
Mohit Rawat and Rajdeep Singh
Wai Yan Aung
Thorsten Werner at Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
Ratnesh Pandey, Bromium
Pratik Jagtap
Pankaj Kumar Thakur (Nepal)
Mohammed Adam from Crossbowlabs
Ratnadip Gajbhiye
Rayen Messaoudi
Sam Jadali
Pethuraj M
Vikas Srivastava, INDIA
Sunil Kande, Security Analyst at Suma Soft Pvt Ltd.
Mitesh Patil, Penetration Tester at Hackersera
Sagar Yadav
Niraj Gautam, Security Analyst at LightPayCoin
Rituraj Vishwakarma
Kunal Mhaske
Nikhil Kapoor from Faridabad
Sourav Newatia
Stanley Hales
Florian Kunushevci
Mohammad Hosein Askari
Craig Dods
Macall Salugsugan
Mikail Tunç
Arjun Singh
Md. Nur A Alam Dipu
Mitesh Patil, Penetration Tester at Hackersera
B.Dhiyaneshwaran from Tamilnadu
Shuvo Ahmed
William Wirahasbianto
Ronak Nahar
Mohammed Adam - from Crossbowlabs
Pranshu Tiwari
Kunal Mhaske
Abhijeet Sarkar


Palo Alto Networks Cloud Services Overview

Our customer-deployed products, such as physical or VM-Series virtualized firewalls, Panorama™ appliances, the Terminal Services Agent, Traps™ agents, and the WildFire® appliance require that hardware and/or software is deployed and managed locally within your organization’s IT infrastructure.

By contrast, cloud services are hosted in the cloud by either Palo Alto Networks or a partner, and lie outside the control of your organization’s IT environment. The common theme among cloud services is that you derive the value by consuming the software and its functionality from a managed service without the burdens of deployment and operation that exist for additional software within your own IT infrastructure.

Another key aspect of online services is that the service provider is responsible for managing the operation, upkeep and maintenance of the software on these systems. Examples of Palo Alto Networks cloud services include URL Filtering with PAN-DB, WildFire and GlobalProtect™ cloud service as well as the AutoFocus™ threat intelligence service, Evident, Cortex XDR, Traps management service and all other applications on the Cortex platform.

Palo Alto Networks Corporate Infrastructure Overview

Palo Alto Networks accepts security reports regarding our corporate infrastructure, including our corporate web properties and support websites. These issues are managed directly by our Security Operations Center (SOC).