SOC Services

Strengthen your operations and simplify investigations

Consistently execute on your SOC’s mission

Palo Alto Networks Security Operations Services strengthen your operations by increasing automation and improving response times. Customization of the platform delivers high-quality data your SOC can use to simplify investigations and consistently identify, investigate and mitigate threats.

Security Operations Workshop: Build and Evolve

Learn the elements of security operations and prioritize your approach to build or evolve your SOC

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Security Operations Workshop: Modular Incident Response

Create a modular IR plan that allows for easy updates and adjustments as your business evolves

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Security Operations Assessment Service

Strengthen your operations, increase automation and improve response times

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Security Operations Optimization Service for NGFW

Customize your next-generation firewalls and Panorama™ network security management to provide consistent incident handling

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Security Operations Optimization Service for AutoFocus

Arm your security operations professionals with high-fidelity intelligence, correlation, context and automated prevention workflows.

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Fine-Tuning the Security Operations Center

SOCs must stay nimble to keep up with fast-evolving threats. This requires a narrow focus to maintain optimal effectiveness, plus full use of tools and metrics that can drive change in the business.


Request your SOC Prevention Posture Assessment

We’ll assess your organization’s security operations capabilities and your prevention posture. Let us show you how your operations compare to industry best practices.

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