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Application Usage and Threat Report

The Application Usage and Threat Report is the first report of its kind to provide an analysis of enterprise application usage and the associated threat activity. Get the report to learn what challenges security teams face and how to allocate resources to protect the network and the data that’s on it.


Modern Malware Review

This review provides the first analysis of malware behavior that include not only analysis of how malware behaves on an infected host, but a full application level analysis of the infecting traffic as well as all traffic generated by the malware.


Network Security in Virtualized Data Centers for Dummies

To realize the benefits of virtualization you must adapt your security architecture to address new challenges, and today's application and threat landscape. Download your ebook and learn how to: securely enable applications in your virtualized data center, ensure hypervisor integrity and control migrations and implement a phased approach to data center network security.


Modern Malware for Dummies

Download this free eBook to get an in-depth analysis on today's malware, and how it has evolved beyond traditional approaches to security. Through examining the evolution of modern malware, this book uncovers modern malware strategies and even outlines specific actions and technologies needed to regain control over today's malware.


Next-Generation Firewalls for Dummies

This book provides an in-depth overview of next-generation firewalls. It examines the evolution of network security, the rise of Enterprise 2.0 applications and their associated threats, the shortcomings of traditional firewalls, and the advanced capabilities found in next-generation firewalls.