Next-Generation Firewall Technology

The underlying technologies within our next-generation firewall form the basis of an enterprise security platform that natively classifies all traffic, on all ports, inclusive of applications, threats and content. The traffic is then tied to the user, regardless of location or device type allowing you to use the application, content, and user – the core elements that run your business – as the basis of your safe application enablement policies.


Classifying all applications, across all ports, all the time, regardless of port, encryption (SSL or SSH) or evasive technique employed.


Integrates with a wide range of directories and terminal services to tie users and groups to policies, regardless of device-type.


Prevent a wide range of threats, control web surfing, and limit unauthorized data and file transfers.


Identifies, analyzes and automatically generates protection for previously unknown malware.

Global Protect

Extends policies to all users, regardless of location or device.


Configure, manage and deploy policies across multiple Palo Alto Networks firewalls from a centralized location.

Other Features Include: