Welcoming the APAC WildFire Cloud

Sep 20, 2017
3 minutes

In service of delivering superior security outcomes, we must aggregate massive quantities of unknown threat data from a global community of users. Once this data is brought together, it should be rapidly processed, correlated and acted upon as new prevention controls. In order to support thousands of customers and petabytes of data in one central location, this type of capability is ideally suited to a cloud-delivered security model, ensuring customers don’t need to build or operationalize infrastructure required to run the system, as well as enabling seamless sharing and correlation of data.

However, inherent in delivering this type of capability through the cloud is ensuring that customers everywhere can consume it, regardless of their local data privacy or sovereignty requirements. In support of our customer’s local needs, we are proud to announce the APAC WildFire cloud, located in Singapore, which further extends our regional cloud approach to now cover Asia-Pacific (APAC), the European Union (EU), Japan and North America.

Customers can now choose to execute unknown samples using:

  • Any one of our regional clouds (US, APAC, EU and Japan)
  • Private cloud with an on-premise WildFire appliance
  • Hybrid mode, combining the regional cloud with on-premise WildFire appliances

When choosing a regional cloud, customers will maintain their data locally, while still sharing protections automatically with more than 19,000 other WildFire customers. This approach capitalizes on WildFire’s unique cloud-delivered security services model, allowing us to develop and deploy innovative technology without putting a heavy burden on customers to make changes to their local infrastructure, regardless of their location in the world.

Uniquely, WildFire turns the entire Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform into a massively distributed set of sensors across the network, endpoint and cloud, ensuring complete visibility and ability to enforce protections wherever the customer’s users and data reside. As part of the platform and the community-driven approach WildFire has always employed, all of the globally correlated intelligence is available within our AutoFocus contextual threat intelligence service, providing the ability to quickly hunt across collected data to speed security workflows.

The addition of the APAC WildFire cloud ensures organizations who are based, or have a presence in, Asia-Pacific can benefit from WildFire and AutoFocus, while supporting local data privacy or sovereignty requirements. We encourage existing customers in the region to begin submitting samples to the APAC cloud now, by simply changing the URL for the WildFire public cloud to https://sg.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com/ within the WildFire settings on your next-generation firewalls.

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