Simplify security operations, prevent successful attacks

Bridge your security gaps, online and in-store

Retailers around the world trust Palo Alto Networks® to secure data and apps in e-commerce, point-of-sale networks, stores and distribution centers.


A platform approach to security

Retailers are collecting more customer information to deliver tailored experiences online and in-store. However, gaps in security coverage threaten customer and payment information while new regulations increase the compliance burden.

The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform prevents successful cyberattacks using automation, allowing you to simplify security operations and compliance while delivering consistent security across devices, networks and cloud environments.


Prevent cyberattacks that target customer information or IP

Thwart malware and safeguard personal data

Protect your customers and business on your journey to GDPR readiness and compliance.


Protect data and control access

Secure data with role-based access controls that enforce Zero Trust; harness MFA-enforced remote access and VPN technologies.

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Simplify PCI compliance

Lower the risk of attack, improve visibility, and reduce the scope of PCI compliance.

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Security Reference Blueprint for Retail IT

Explore a security framework that works with existing infrastructure and expands to protect your growing digital services.


Automate security across sales and supply operations

Expand your use of threat intelligence

Automate the use of threat intelligence across all retail locations. Demo

Quickly counter new threats

Utilize automation to set dynamic policies and trigger enforcement using analytics. Cortex XDR

Protect multi-cloud environments

Automatically scale security with applications and services. Protect Azure in Retail Use case Secure Your Business Brief

Optimize security operations

Simplify security management

Consolidate fragmented security products; manage policy changes centrally for consistent enforcement.

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Improve visibility across locations

Gain real-time insight with consistent traffic and threat visibility across network, endpoint and cloud locations.

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