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Protect Azure in Retail

Discover how you can secure your Azure deployment with Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. With deep visualization and automation with cloud-delivered security services the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series protects against known and zero-day threats. Tight integrations with Azure services, such as Application Gateway and Domain Services, deliver an adaptive and scalable security platform upon which to build applications today and into the future.
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Retail Use Case: Deliver Consistent, Comprehensive Security to Retail Stores

Learn how a retailer achieved higher-performance, more secure store communications and realized a return on investment in months.
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Cybersecurity for Retail Platform Brief

In a competitive and rapidly changing industry that’s continually targeted by cyberthreats, creating a secure digital foundation is critical to success. Read this platform brief for a concise summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps retailers secure customer data while thwarting cyberattacks, streamlining security operations, and granting appropriate network access to employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
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Security Reference Blueprint for Retail

This white paper outlines key security principles for modern retail networks and a framework that reduces operational demands on IT and security teams while improving security and control.
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Palo Alto Networks Joins the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center in Newly Launched Associate Member Program

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, and the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) today announced that Palo Alto Networks has joined the R-CISC community through the R-CISC Associate Member Program for cybersecurity industry leaders as its first platinum member.
Santa Clara, CA
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Learn how Kevin Wilson, Corporate Information Security Manager replaced their legacy antivirus solution at all Guess? retail locations with Traps to protect their stores from breaches and cyberthreats. The ease of setup and efficacy catch rate for malware, Traps exceeds all expectations. Having the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform provides Guess? with information they need to evaluate and act on threats to their retail and corporate environment.
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PA-220 Datasheet

Palo Alto Networks PA-220 brings next-generation firewall capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices and retail locations.
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Secure the Cloud: Cloud-Connected Branch

Your organization’s networking strategy is changing to support cloud applications. Find out how to protect branch and retail locations with Prisma Access.
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Campus in the Cloud

Campuses – including branch offices, retail stores, temporary office space, or events venues – require secure WAN/LAN connectivity and shared services such as authentication, print, Wi-Fi, telephony, etc., to be implemented. The main challenges encountered during the technology deployment of campuses include: Wide adoption of cloud-based apps demands better application performance for branch offices. The continued use of multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)/backhaul traffic results in scalability issues and cost overruns. The deployment of WAN/security/shared services to branch offices is slow and expensive to maintain.
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Use Case: Protecting Point of Sale Systems

Read about an actual customer’s deployment of Palo Alto Networks to protect cardholder data and PII by securing the POS environment spanning their global retail network.
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Are your point of sale environments protected?

An often-forgotten area in the enterprise network which poses a significant risk to your organization if compromised are Building Management/Automation Systems (BMS/BAS).
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Fuel Monitoring Pioneer Takes Next-Generation Security to the Cloud With Palo Alto Networks

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – May 10, 2016 – Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the next-generation security company, today announced that Warren Rogers Associates, an industry leader in retail fuel monitoring and diagnostics, has successfully deployed the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform in AWS to prevent successful cyber breaches within its cloud-based data center and ensure PCI compliance for thousands of remote data collection devices at fueling stations across the United States.
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What is PCI DSS?

The PCI DSS is an information security standard developed to enhance cardholder data security for organizations that store, process or transmit credit card data.
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Cybersecurity Reference Blueprint for Financial Services IT

Learn how financial institutions may prevent successful cyberattacks by incorporating various elements of the Palo Alto Networks security operating platform into their overall cybersecurity program.
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United Kingdom's Leading Direct Order Shopping Company Trusts Palo Alto Networks to Protect Customer Transactions

JD Williams & Company Achieves PCI Compliance and Reduces Costs with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls
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Bank Central Asia

Bank Central Asia is one of Indonesia’s leading retail banks. The bank has approximately 16 million customers, 1,213 branches, and 17,207 ATMs. It also manages a growing mobile and internet banking operation. While ATMs use dedicated connectivity for transactions, mobile transactions rely on the internet to ensure everyone has full, anytime access. However, such high exposure comes with major security risks, therefore demanding the need for advanced security protection.
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Palo Alto Networks Named a “Rising Star” by Global Technology Distribution Council

Palo Alto Networks®, the leader in enterprise security, today announced that it has received a U.S. Gold “Rising Star” award presented by the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC).
Santa Clara, CA
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Security Platform for Financial Services

Read how thousands of banks, institutional investors, asset managers, broker-dealers and financial institutions across the globe prevent successful cyberattacks.
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SkiStar AB

Scandinavian Resort Giant Delivers Secure Network Experience for Guests Online and on the Ski Slopes
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Industrial IoT and PCI Compliance Simplified

As an industry leader in retail fuel monitoring and diagnostics, Warren Rogers Associates (Warren Rogers) manages thousands of data collection devices installed at service stations across the U.S. Because these devices reside alongside its customers’ business systems that handle credit and debit card data, Warren Rogers had to guarantee it would prevent cardholder data from being collected to ensure PCI DSS compliance.
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Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia chose Palo Alto Networks to strengthen the security operations center as the company prepares for global expansion.
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Rompetrol improves endpoint security and reduces malware attacks with Palo Alto Networks Traps
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Fortune 1000 Consumer Services Company Deploys Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls

IDT Corporation Regains Visibility and Improves Network Security with PA-4000 Series; Saves Money by Consolidating Legacy Firewalls, Proxies, and IDS
San Jose, Calif.
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