Navigating the Expanding
Attack Surface

Analyzing 210,000 cloud accounts, Unit 42® researchers found organizations are unwittingly giving adversaries opportunities to gain a foothold in the cloud.

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60% of organizations take longer than four days to resolve security issues.


76% of organizations don’t enforce MFA for console users, and 58% of organizations don’t enforce MFA for root/admin users.


63% of codebases in production have unpatched vulnerabilities rated high or critical.

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Volume 7

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83% of organizations have hard-coded credentials in their source control management systems.


51% of codebases depend on more than 100 open-source packages.


80% of alerts organizations receive are triggered by 5% of security rules.  

Cloud Threats In the Wild

Attack Path Analysis of Real-World Incidents

Attack Scenario 1

From SIM-Swap to Data Leak On the Dark Web

Attack Scenario 2

From Misconfigured Firewall to Cryptojacking Botnet

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