The modern enterprise requires cloud native security
What is cloud native security?
The move to the cloud has changed all aspects of the application development lifecycle – security being foremost among them. Security and DevOps teams face a growing number of entities to secure as the organization adopts cloud native approaches. Ever-changing environments challenge developers to build and deploy at a frantic pace, while security teams remain responsible for the protection and compliance of the entire lifecycle.
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Firsthand accounts of Prisma Cloud’s best-in-class cloud security capabilities from some of our satisfied customers.
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Prisma Cloud: The Cloud Native Security Platform
Comprehensive cloud native security
  • Deliver complete visibility, automation, detection and response across any compute, network or cloud service.
  • Enforce hundreds of out-of-the-box governance policies that help ensure compliance and enforce good behavior.
Full lifecycle
  • Eliminate issues early and prevent alert fatigue by seamlessly integrating security early and throughout the application lifecycle, from IDE, SCM, CI/CD and registries to runtime.
  • Leverage continuous vulnerability management and automated risk prioritization across the entire cloud native stack and lifecycle. Easily investigate any incident.
Across any cloud
  • Monitor, secure and maintain compliance on multi- and hybrid-cloud environments with a single integrated platform.
  • Leverage purpose-built solutions for public clouds, such as AWS®, Google Cloud™ and Microsoft Azure®, as well as secure your on-premises investments like OpenShift®.
Protection for cloud environments
See all the environments and platforms we secure here.
AWS Protection for applications and data across AWS - including EC2, ECS and Lambda functions.
Microsoft Azure Protection for your applications and data across Microsoft Azure - including AKS, ACR or Azure Functions.
Google Cloud Protection for your applications and data across Google Cloud - including Anthos, GKE, and serverless functions.