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Reduce risk and prevent breaches across the application lifecycle

Risk Prevention

Shift left and secure applications by design. Prevent risks and misconfigurations from entering production.

Risk Prevention

IaC Security

Identify and fix misconfigurations in Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, Kubernetes and other IaC templates.

Secrets Security

Find and secure exposed secrets across all files in repositories and CI/CD pipelines.

CI/CD Security

Harden CI/CD pipelines, reduce the attack surface and protect your application development environment.

Software Composition Analysis

Address open-source vulnerabilities and license compliance issues with context-aware prioritization.

Visibility and Control

Establish continuous visibility and control over misconfigurations, privileges, data and vulnerabilities across your cloud environment.


Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Monitor posture, detect and remediate risks and maintain compliance.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Gain control over permissions across multicloud environments.

Agentless Workload Scanning

Scan hosts, containers, Kubernetes and serverless for vulnerabilities and threats

Cloud Data Security

Identify sensitive data and scan for malware across public cloud storage.

API Visibility

Discover, profile and protect APIs across cloud-native applications.

Cloud Discovery and Exposure Management

Increase visibility and control over unknown, unmanaged cloud assets exposed to the internet.

Runtime Protection

Real-time protection for cloud workloads, web applications and APIs.

Runtime Protection

Threat Detection

Detect advanced threats, zero-day attacks and anomalies across multicloud environments.

Host Security

Secure cloud VMs for any public or private cloud.

Container Security

Secure containers and Kubernetes platforms on any public or private cloud.

Serverless Security

Secure serverless functions across the full application lifecycle.

Web Application and API Security

Protect web applications and APIs across any public or private cloud.

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