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What We Stand For

Palo Alto Networks commitment to security extends beyond data, networks and communications to include protecting the environment, society and the communities in which we live. While we safeguard those vulnerable to cyberattack, we also work to help vulnerable populations. As a global company, we use our privileged position to help people and our planet. We strive to fulfill our obligations as conscientious global citizens by:


Corporate Philanthropy & Volunteerism

At the heart of Palo Alto Networks is the need to make a difference by helping others. That’s why we enable our employees to volunteer, contribute funds to charitable organizations and lend our expertise to educational endeavors. Learn about our involvement in, and support for, numerous charitable activities.


Ethical Business & Labor Practices

Palo Alto Networks adheres to the highest ethical standards in our business practices, operations and sourcing.
Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics →


Business Ethics and Standards of Conduct


Palo Alto Networks requires all employees to act with the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.

Supplier Relationships


Palo Alto Networks suppliers can be confident that they will be treated in a lawful, ethical manner. We do not discriminate and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We believe all suppliers should be good corporate citizens and have the same values and social responsibility, so we require that our suppliers adhere to the Palo Alto Networks Supplier Code of Conduct.

Customer Relationships


Palo Alto Networks employees create value for our customers and build relationships based on trust. The goodwill that this approach has created is one of our most significant assets.

Human Rights


Palo Alto Networks supports the United Nations Global Compact and the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and labor standards ensuring

  • All employment or services are freely chosen
  • Child labor is strictly prohibited
  • Workweeks are not excessive and in compliance with local law
  • Compensation is paid in accordance with local law
  • Zero tolerance for harsh or inhumane treatment of its workers
  • A workforce that is free of harassment and unlawful discrimination, and in conformance with local law
  • All workers are be provided freedom of association

Charitable Works

Charitable Works


Our Employee Council coordinates Palo Alto Networks volunteer work and financial support for charitable organizations. This Council meets monthly to review and approve employee-grant making requests and requests to volunteer for worthy projects.



Together with Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the Employee Council created SMILE (Services Making Individuals’ Lives Easier). Via SMILE, Palo Alto Networks employees can apply for grants, seek funding for volunteer programs and more.



How we help

Habitat for Humanity

Our caring employees contribute their sweat, time and muscle to help the homeless by building shelters with Habitat for Humanity. In October 2016, The Palo Alto Networks Marketing department took part in a playhouse build for Habitat for Humanity. All of the houses that were donated to Blue Star Moms, mothers whose childrend are serving or have served honorably in the United States’ Armed Forces. Families that received playhouses were members of the United States Coast Guard stationed in Alameda, and the United States Air Force stationed at Travis Air Force Base.

Helping Flood Victims

In February 2017, several areas in the nearby city of San Jose, Calif. suffered from flooding, causing extensive damage and displacing thousands of residents. Palo Alto Networks employees raised money, which the company matched, to help those affected.

Helping Those with Nowhere to Sleep

Every other Saturday, volunteers from Palo Alto Networks work with Sleeping Bags for the Homeless of Silicon Valley (SBFTH) to help distribute sleeping bags and care packages to the homeless and coordinate donation drives.

Public Education Tech Museum

Palo Alto Networks has established a strong partnership with the Tech Museum of Innovation. The museum in a family friendly interactive science and technology center located in the heart of downtown San Jose, California. Palo Alto Networks has a dedicated interactive workshop focused on cyber security.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Thanks to everyone’s passionate support, John Klein, our District Sales Manager in Virginia has been named Man of the Year for championing a fundraising campaign on behalf of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). All donations you’ve contributed goes towards the needs of young girls and boys.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life Relay for Life is an annual run organized by the American Cancer Society to support cancer research. The accounting team at Palo Alto Networks raised $12,000 for the event.

Feeding the Hungry

Second Harvest Food Bank in the SF Bay Area is one of the largest food banks in the nation. Currently providing food to more than one quarter of a million people every month. They are a strong partner of Palo Alto Networks where donations and volunteering initiatives has occurred each year dating back to 2012.

Men’s Health Awareness

Every ‘Movember’ (November), men in our Amsterdam office grow mustaches to help raise awareness for men’s health issues.

Supporting Teachers

In partnership with Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT), the IT team went on an offstie to assemble hands-on math, science and art activity kits for local schools. RAFT provides creative ideas, affordable project materials, pre-packaged Activity Kits, one-on-one mentoring and professional developtment for educators who believe in the power of hands on teaching.

Israel Holocaust Survivors Club

Our Israel team visited a holocaust survivors club and spent some time with survivors enjoying talking, serving meals, dancing and having a good time together! The event included 100 holocaust survivors. Our employee team plans to make this a monthly volunteer event.