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The daily briefing

Today's regular daily summary starts here.
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DarkHydrus Uses Open Source Phishery Tool in Middle-East Attacks

Today's regular daily summary starts here.
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Google says 150 Play Store downloads have hidden malware designed to infect your computer when you plug in your smartphone

Google says 145 apps on its app store were loaded with malicious files designed to attack your computer.
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FBI struggles to keep top cyber talent

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Worst of both words: 'Gorgon' hackers practice both general cybercrime and targeted government attacks

A hacking group apparently based in Pakistan has been straddling the fence between cybercriminal activity and nation-state espionage, leveraging the same malicious infrastructure to both launch email spam campaigns and target government agencies in U.S., UK, Russia and Spain
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Hacking group combines spear-phishing with mass malware campaign

Pakistani hacking group uses basic techniques and has poor operational security - but appears to have slithered into a large number of networks.
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Android apps infected with umm… *Windows* malware

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Android Apps Infected With Windows Keylogger Removed From Google Play Store

Google has removed 145 Android apps infected with Windows malware from the official Play Store after a report from security researchers at Palo Alto Networks.
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Tick Group Malware Campaign Highlights Need for Stronger Supply Chain Security

Security researchers recently observed a malware campaign that leverages a particular type of USB drive to target specific Windows machines.
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Mirai, Gafgyt IoT Botnet Attacks Intensify

Security researchers are warning of a new wave of attacks associated with two infamous Internet of Things (IoT) botnets: Mirai and Gafgyt.
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Richard Ledgett, Christopher Painter, Michael Brown Named Palo Alto Networks Advisers

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) has added Richard Ledgett, former deputy director at the National Security Agency, and Christopher Painter, former top cybersecurity official at the State Department, to its public sector advisory council to help shape the company’s cyber strategy and offer advice on security and technological needs of government clients.
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Palo Alto Networks adds trio of federal cyber vets as advisers

Palo Alto Networks said Thursday it has brought onboard three former top federal cybersecurity officials to advise the company on security and technology trends in both the U.S. and international government sectors.
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Cryptocurrency malware now targeting Amazon devices as Monero mining surges

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks Inc. have published a new report stating that there has been a massive surge in cryptomining malware, having discovered 629,126 cryptomining malware samples recently, with the vast majority mining for Monero.
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5 Percent of Monero in Circulation Was Mined Through Malware, Research Finds

A June 11 report by network and enterprise security company Palo Alto Networks has found that around 5 percent of all Monero (XMR) in circulation was mined maliciously.
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Around 5% of All Monero Currently in Circulation Has Been Mined Using Malware

These numbers are the results of in-depth research of the coin-mining malware scene by security researchers from Palo Alto Networks.
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  • 594

Study: More than 5 Percent of Monero Cryptocurrency was Mined by Malware

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks have analyzed around 630,000 samples of cryptocurrency mining malware captured by the company’s systems over the past few years and extracted the wallet IDs and mining pools used by attackers.
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Non-JavaScript Cryptojacking Reaps More Than $144M, Researcher Finds

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cryptojacking attacks are finding success and have now gained the attention of the U.S Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
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$175 Million in Monero Mined via Malicious Programs: Report

The popularity of crypto-currency malware has been skyrocketing over the past year, and the segment appears to have been highly lucrative for cybercriminals, a new Palo Alto Networks report reveals.
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Monero’s Money Mining Malicious Malware Monopoly

Palo Alto Networks malware researcher Josh Grunzweig has identified a massive 470,000 unique malware samples that hijack computers to mine cryptocurrency.
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Sofacy APT Has Subtly Changed Tactics

A well-known Russian cyber-espionage group has subtly changed its modus operandi, moving to what security researchers from Palo Alto Networks are calling "parallel attacks."
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Former SoftBank and Google exec Nikesh Arora talks taking over Palo Alto Networks with outgoing CEO

"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer hears from Palo Alto Networks' incoming CEO Nikesh Arora and outgoing CEO Mark McLaughlin as he prepares to step down.
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Palo Alto Networks to demo third-party apps

At its annual Ignite Conference today, Palo Alto Networks will demonstrate the first third-party apps able to run on its cybersecurity platform, a "proof of concept" for a model that CEO Mark McLaughlin believes is the future of the industry.
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DHS cyber 'moonshot' group lays out next steps, sets due date for final report

A presidential advisory committee working group plans to submit a report by year's end with “actionable steps” toward a cybersecurity “moonshot,” an ambitious goal meant to create a sustainable approach to the nation's overall cyber challenge, committee members said at a Thursday meeting.
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Few states seek election security funds

JUST ONE-FIFTH? — A “disconcertingly low” number of states have formally requested election security funds from a $380 million pot Congress set aside for that purpose, Eric reports for Pros today.
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Cybersecurity ‘Moonshot’ Plan to Head to Trump in November

An advisory group shared broad principles of the moonshot plan, but no details, Thursday.
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SilverTerrier uses malware to drive BEC attacks

SilverTerrier uses malware to drive BEC attacks
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NEW REGULATION: NIS Directive Will Ensure the UK Remains ‘On’ May 10, 2018

NEW REGULATION: NIS Directive Will Ensure The UK Remains ‘On’ During The Most Extreme Cyber-Attacks
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European Directive NIS Goes Live Today: Here’s What you Need to Know

NIS has been overshadowed by GDPR. Companies need to comply, fast.
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Commerce chief Ross to deliver keynote at upcoming DHS cyber 'moonshot' meeting

Commerce chief Ross to deliver keynote at upcoming DHS cyber 'moonshot' meeting
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