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The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 08.21.17

Palo Alto Networks Rick Howard discusses the fading popularity of the Rig exploit kit.

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How to track down the infrastructure supporting malware distribution

A good CISO always looks for ways to increase the skills of staff – in fact, it’s a necessity given the constantly changing threat landscape. One way to flex the muscles of the threat hunting team might be to take a look at a blog this week from Jeff White of Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 threat intelligence team, who writes about how he investigated another in a long series of PowerShell attacks.

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Lazarus Group tied to new phishing campaign targeting defense industry workers

According to a blog post by Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 division, this newly discovered campaign uses the same infrastructure, tools, tactics, and files that were employed in the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, as well as a recent campaign, detailed in April, that targeted Korean-speaking individuals.

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North Korea Hacking: US Defense Contractors Targeted By Hacking Group

Hackers with believed ties to the North Korean government have taken to targeting defense contractors working with the United States government, according to security researchers. Network and enterprise security company Palo Alto Networks released new research Monday that suggested Lazarus Group, a collective of hackers who are often linked to North Korea, are behind a number of cyber attacks aimed at defense industry companies.

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Network defender innovation: time to throw out the old best practices

We have reached a tipping point, a point in our community’s evolution where the security vendor mambo is no longer sustainable.

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Cyberattack Advances Complicate Company Communications

The rising number of cyberattacks and the increasing level of sophistication of these events are creating pressures on companies to make sure their IT teams are communicating threats to their C-suites and boards in a way that they can understand. We asked three experts–Rick Howard of security firm Palo Alto Networks Inc.; Suzie Smibert, chief information security officer for Finning International Inc., a distributor of Caterpillar products; and Ed Stroz, co-founder of security company StrozFriedberg–to talk about how to bridge this communications gap.

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Tick threat group linked to multiple malware families

According to a Monday blog post from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 threat research team, Tick's Daserf malware (aka Muirim, Nioupalewas) has been observed sharing infrastructure with the backdoors Invader and Minzen, the trojans Gh0st RAT and 9002 RAT, and the downloader HomamDownloader.

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New cyber security consortium leads to open data, security platform for companies

The uninitiated might be forgiven for thinking that Palo Alto Networks is, well, a networking company, but its 40,000 customers know better. Palo Alto Networks is all about security and, along with McAfee, Fortinet, Symantec, Cisco, and Check Point, it is a founding member of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), a new consortium that shares threat information among its members and will produce playbooks (the first one is due this fall) that describe malware campaigns in detail to help its members more quickly address them.

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Girl Scouts offers merit badges for making friends, painting and horseback riding. Up next: cybersecurity

By selling Thin Mints and Tagalongs in kindergarten, Elizabeth Lewelling earned Girl Scout badges for customer service and managing money. The 12-year-old from Palmdale is one of 1.8 million Girl Scouts nationwide who will have the opportunity starting in 2018 to adorn their vests, tunics and sashes with merit badges for information security.

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Exploit attacker playbooks to improve security

Rick Howard lines up a Security Slap Shot on improving security by going after attacker playbooks. High-performance teams rely on defined processes. Sometimes these are called playbooks. Turns out disciplined attackers use playbooks, too.

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Virginia's cybersecurity training program for veterans begins producing

Cyber Vets Virginia, an governor's initiative launched last year designed to match military veterans with the state's vacant cybersecurity jobs, is beginning to produce graduates, a manager of the program told StateScoop.

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11 Ways Palo Alto Networks Is Changing The Game For Partners

In May, Palo Alto Networks welcomed new Americas channel chief Karl Soderlund to its team. Soderlund, who now serves as vice president, Americas channels, brings years of channel expertise to the role, including channel chief roles at Imperva, Aruba and Avaya.

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SpyDealer: Android malware steals access data from apps

SpyDealer: Android malware steals access data from apps SpyDealer has been around for almost two years. The Trojan uses a rooting tool called Baidu Easy Root. It works only under Android 2.2 to 4.4. SpyDealer also listens to phone calls and records all ambient noise.

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New trojan hitting Android users

An Android malware that exfiltrates data from more than 40 communication apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype, has been discovered by Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks' threat intelligence department, Unit 42.

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SpyDealer Android malware hitting smartphones in Asia

An advanced Android malware that is mainly impacting Asian users has been spotted that uses a commercially available rooting app to exfiltrate data from 40 popular Android apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. SpyDealer was discovered by Palo Alto Networks, and while it has the potential to be quite dangerous there are several mitigating factors that have helped limit the malware's impact.

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SpyDealer takes control of Android phones and steals data from encrypted messaging apps

An Android malware that exfiltrates data from more than 40 communication apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype, has been discovered by Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks' threat intelligence department, Unit 42.

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This Android malware steals data from 40 apps, spies on messages and location

A newly uncovered form of Android malware aims to steal data from over 40 popular apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Firefox - and the trojan has been actively engaging in in this illicit activity for almost two years.

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Keeping Your Remote Workforce Safe and Secure This Summer

We are in an increasingly mobile-first and distributed world. Remote networks and mobile users are the new reality, and they all require access to business-critical applications, which used to be located safely behind the corporate firewall.

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Cyber security comes down to culture, say Dutch security experts

IT security can no longer be seen as just a technical matter. People, education and management matter too, but culture is the overarching and binding element, says security executive at Dutch bank

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The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 06.29.17

Rick Howard from Palo Alto Networks explains the importance of capture-the-flag competitions.

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The next generation of cybersecurity professionals is being created by the Girl Scouts

Tech leaders will soon be able to look to the Girl Scouts for both their cookie and cybersecurity needs. The first-ever national Girl Scout Cybersecurity training badges will roll out in 2018, teaching girls grades K-12 programming, ethical hacking, and how to avoid security incidents, as part of a partnership with Palo Alto Networks, the organizations recently announced.

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Girl Scouts Can Soon Earn Cybersecurity Badges Because Girls Want to Hack Stuff, Not Get Bullied Online

Girl Scouts can start earning cybersecurity badges next year, thanks to an effort by the Girl Scouts of America and cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks. The youth organization came up with the idea simply by asking Scouts what they want. And the girls want to hack.

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Girl Scouts to begin offering first-ever cybersecurity badges in 2018

They can start fires, manage money, splint an injury and navigate trails. And beginning in 2018, Girl Scouts can learn to detect and defend themselves against cyberthreats, cyberbullying, data breaches and hacking.

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Girl Scouts Gear Up To Be The Newest Wave Of Cybersecurity Experts

Girl Scouts are teaming up with tech companies to learn cybersecurity and computer engineering skills.

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Published Palo Alto "Application Framework", opened to third parties

On June 13, Palo Alto Networks (Palo Alto) will use the big data including its threat intelligence and external threat feeds to cloud platform "Application Framework" to develop and provide security services by third parties Announced.

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Palo Alto Networks announced the establishment of a venture fund

  The next-generation security company, Palo Alto Networks, today announced that it is building a $ 20 million network security risk fund. The fund will provide early stage capital investments to drive innovation Palo Alto Networks next-generation network security platform for new network network security application development.

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Girl Scouts will become white hat hackers with cool new cybersecurity badges

Girl Scouts will soon be ready to take over your IT department. The organization is teaming up with Palo Alto Networks, an internet security company, to introduce a set of new badges to promote computer and internet literacy and cybersecurity. The initiative aims to foster educational programs across all ages of the Girl Scouts, with a major emphasis on providing access to girls who might otherwise never be exposed to the field.

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Why Girl Scouts Make Great Cybersecurity Hackers

Your favorite cookie sellers are in training to become white hat hackers. On Thursday, Girl Scouts of the USA announced a new partnership with Palo Alto Networks to create a series of cybersecurity badges. The badges, which will be available starting in 2018, can be earned by girls in grades K-12 who demonstrate mastery of Internet security.

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Palo Alto Networks Execs: The Security Market Is Ripe For Disruption

In a market defined by disruption, Palo Alto Networks executives said the security market is ready for yet another shakeup.

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Cybersecurity spend: ROI Is the wrong metric

Think about what your network defenders do throughout the day, every day, in the course of getting their jobs done. Can you describe it in one sentence? How would you characterize the thousands of tasks that the InfoSec team fields every day?

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