Babelgum Announces 30 Content Partners

Jun 19, 2007
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ALERT - On June 15, 2007, Babelgum, a new Internet-based TV network, announced that it had signed 30 content partners.

Bablegum joins a rash of new companies that are showcasing their P2P-based video networks, with the most attention going to Joost. These up and coming network video providers promise to allow users to download and view full-length TV and video content over the Internet. As with the other video network providers, Babelgum uses a distributed P2P network that relies on end-users to help distribute the content to other viewers. While very efficient for Babelgum, it can wreak havoc on a corporate network. Babelgum's open beta started on June 5th with no date given for general availability. Palo Alto Networks will soon add an App-ID for this application.

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