An IPS Like No Other.

Advanced Threat Prevention is the industry's first IPS to deliver 96% prevention of web-based Cobalt Strike C2 and 48% more detection of evasive and unknown C2 over other leading IPS solutions.

Comprehensive C2 Coverage
  • Comprehensive C2 Coverage

    Block evasive and unknown C2 channels in real time using Advanced Threat Prevention’s industry first purpose-built inline deep learning and machine learning models.

  • Safeguard your network from known threats, such as exploits and commodity malware, with researcher-grade signatures without compromising performance.

  • Leverage User-ID™ and App-ID™ technology on our ML-Powered NGFWs to add context to all traffic on all ports, so you never lose sight of a threat, regardless of evasion techniques.

Prevent Unknown C2 Attacks Inline

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Stay ahead of threats

Inline Deep Learning Engine

Analyzes web and non-web traffic, including SSL, HTTP, unknown-tcp and unknown-udp applications for malicious C2.

Zero in on traffic from hack tools

Detects malleable C2 traffic including variants from commonly used hack tools such as Cobalt Strike.

Cloud native service

Globally deployed over a specially architected, ultra-low latency cloud infrastructure designed to expand capabilities over time.

The power of prevention

Protect your network against new and existing threats without impacting performance

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  • Customers
    69K +
  • Evasions Blocked
  • Higher Throughput
  • Customers
    69K +
  • Evasions Blocked
  • Higher Throughput

Best In Class IPS

Decrease your risk and cost of poorly integrated network threat prevention

Integrated on the ML-powered NGFW, Advanced Threat Prevention provides thorough protection against a wide variety of exploits while reducing the need for standalone IPS solutions.

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Consistently authenticate and authorize your users
  • Eliminate known threats

    Reduce resources needed to manage vulnerabilities and patches by automatically blocking known malware,vulnerability exploits, and C2

  • Backed by Unit 42

    Combine automation and our Unit 42 threat intelligence team to accurately detect and prevent exploitation of known vulnerabilities.

  • Predictable performance

    Single pass architecture enables high throughput/low latency with all security functions active

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Native integration. Increased security.

Integration regardless of the form factor

ML-Powered NGFW

  • Leverage inline machine learning
  • Easily integrate proactive security
  • Deliver zero-delay signatures

VM-Series NGFW

  • Scale and deploy with ease
  • Protect private and public clouds
  • Boost SDN investments

Prisma Access

  • Deploy zero trust network access
  • Enable safe us of SaaS applications
  • Protect remote locations