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The Modern SOC,

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The Autonomous Security Platform Powering the Modern SOC


Cortex XSIAM Design Principles


    The foundation for powerful machine learning-based security analytics requires massive amounts of useful data beyond just logs and alerts. XSIAM creates a complete picture by pulling data from endpoints, network, cloud and identity systems, normalizing and stitching it all together, so our machine learning models can process it with an understanding of how everything connects.

    Traditional SIEMs were built around the human analyst. SOC analysts pored through hundreds of alerts per day, triaged manually by collecting contextual data, and spent the bulk of their time on false positives and manual effort. XSIAM flips the model to an automation-first mindset, leveraging machines where they excel, freeing the analysts to work on urgent, high-impact incidents while the underlying platform autopilots the SOC to safe outcomes.

    XSIAM was created to free up SOC capacity so proactive SOC actions, instead of reactive ones, become the norm. Beyond automation, XSIAM embeds threat intelligence and attack surface management capabilities to enable security analysts to think and act more proactively, like patching vulnerabilities before an attacker can find the exposure.

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Security Operations from Data Center to Cloud in a Single Platform

By design, XSIAM operates across both cloud and enterprise security operations, providing true end-to-end-management of threats, wherever they originate. While companies born in the cloud benefit from the scale and automation of XSIAM and the ease of integration with public cloud and SaaS telemetry, organizations with legacy SIEM deployments can seamlessly transition to XSIAM as the next-generation autonomous SOC platform.

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The Modern SOC, Reimagined

Watch the launch event on demand to see Cortex XSIAM, the platform that will revolutionize security operations across the enterprise and the cloud, in action.

Plus, hear from renowned security all-stars Bruce Schneier, Lee Klarich, Rachel Wilson and more as they discussed today’s advanced adversaries and shared their views on how SOC teams must adapt to cope with a flood of disconnected data.
The Modern SOC, Reimagined

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