Introducing Strata Copilot,
the ultimate AI assistant for network security

Strata Copilot, powered by Precision AI, helps supercharge security team productivity while improving security outcomes.


The industry’s first AI-powered Zero Trust management and operations solution.

Prevent network disruptions, strengthen security with real-time best practices, and unify management and operations across NGFW and SASE.

Manual monitoring and tool sprawl increase risks

To keep pace, enterprises must take a radical approach to achieving Zero Trust management and operations.

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²Risk-Based Evaluations of Cloud Provider Security, Gartner, August 31, 2021.
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Stop juggling.
And start securing.

Proactively secure your network with the Zero Trust management solution that eliminates manual monitoring and tool sprawl.

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Strata Cloud Manager

Strata Cloud Manager™ enables you to easily manage your Palo Alto Networks Network Security infrastructure—including NGFWs and SASE environment—from the cloud, via one unified management interface.

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Predict and Prevent Operational Health

See how network health issues may be impacting your users, and jump directly to any incident to investigate.

Strengthen Security in Real Time

See what portion of your traffic is flowing over rules that adhere to best practices, including ones you’ve added to fit your needs. You can also compare adjustments to see which will have the most impact.

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policy dashboard
policy stats

Use the policy analyzer to gauge the impact of new policy changes before they are pushed to your NGFWs.

Comprehensive Management for all Deployments

Oversee all your assets, users, applications and devices — including IoT — from the summary view. From here, you can see how your network is being accessed and secured while also being able to click deeper into areas of interest.

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With Strata Cloud Manager, you have a comprehensive view of what’s going on and how to configure your security services to create the best outcomes. You can view apps that have the highest volume of threats, identify where policies might be lax and track how your security services are performing over time.


Turn IT struggle into IT success with Strata Copilot.

Simplify everything with the ultimate AI assistant for network security, powered by Precision AI.

Predict imminent outages

Predict imminent outages

Strata Cloud Manager forecasts firewall disruptions up to seven days in advance with recommendations to remediate the issue before your network operations are impacted. Overcome operational challenges such as misconfigurations, compliance, resource usage, flood detection, and hardware and software failures.

Expedite resolution upon issue detection

Expedite resolution upon issue detection

Strata Cloud Manager creates automatic in-app support tickets, with prepopulated, relevant details upon issue detection. Automatic support enables immediate action and saves critical time that would otherwise be spent in the case creation process.

Get real-time best practice recommendations

Get real-time best practice recommendations

Strata Cloud Manager analyzes your deployment, highlights security gaps caused by misconfigurations and recommends the best practices to fix them.

Detect and fix policy anomalies

Detect and fix policy anomalies

Strata Cloud Manager automatically detects gaps in your security rules using real-time best practice checks — improving your security posture.

Implement security policies that comply with best practices at the time of configuration

Implement security policies that comply with best practices at the time of configuration

Strata Cloud Manager analyzes your policy inline and in real time, against a comprehensive set of Palo Alto Networks best practices and your InfoSec standards to minimize risk.

Quickly find and remediate threats

Quickly find and remediate threats

The Strata network security platform is the industry's first unified network security platform with a built-in copilot. Strata Copilot is powered by Precision AI to proactively pinpoint vulnerabilities and guide remediation using natural language, giving you the answers you need to streamline workflows and boost productivity across teams.

Manage NGFW and SASE from one unified management interface

Manage NGFW and SASE from one unified management interface

Strata Cloud Manager simplifies network security management across both NGFW and SASE. Share and streamline configuration across NGFW and SASE, adopt best practices effortlessly and enable scalable troubleshooting to reduce operational burden.


AI-powered Zero Trust management and operations

Strata Cloud Manager radically transforms network security management and operations by providing holistic management of a customer’s network security infrastructure, AI-powered operations and AI-powered digital experience and management in one user interface.

Transform your network security management and operations.

Learn how Strata Cloud Manager can enhance operational efficiency, security and compliance in your organization.
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