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Cyber attacks are growing more frequent and sophisticated by the day. To combat this onslaught, many organizations have added proxies, intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), sandboxing, and other security point products to their old-school firewalls. But this siloed approach just leads to complexity and an even greater potential for breach. Our security technologies are natively integrated – not cobbled together – into our ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls, as well as our endpoint and cloud security offerings. Groundbreaking features reduce manual tasks and enhance your security posture by seamlessly working with our self-updating security platform, augmenting global threat intelligence to counter attacks automatically and in near-real time.
IoT Security is easier than you think
Your security team is now empowered to secure your enterprise IoT investments without additional resources, creating new processes and investing in new siloed tools.
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IoT Security The industry's first complete IoT security solution, delivering a machine learning based approach to discover all unmanaged devices, detect behavioral anomalies, recommend policy based on risk, and automate enforcement without the need for additional sensors or infrastructure. This unique combination of IoT visibility and the NGFW enables context-aware network segmentation to reduce risk exposure and applies our leading security subscriptions to keep IoT and IT devices secure from all threats.
SD-WAN With security natively integrated with an SD-WAN architecture, you can connect your branch offices without compromising on security. Leverage the SD-WAN subscription on your Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall and simply enable SD-WAN and security on a single, intuitive interface.
GlobalProtect Provide unmatched threat prevention capabilities to protect users against evasive application traffic, phishing, credential theft, and more. GlobalProtect™ extends the protection of our Next-generation Firewall to your mobile users.
DNS Security Services Apply predictive analytics, machine learning, and automation to block attacks that use DNS. Tight integration with the Next-Generation Firewall gives you automated protections, prevents attackers from bypassing security measures, and eliminates the need for independent tools or changes to DNS routing. Comprehensive analytics allow deep insights into threats and empower security personnel with the context to optimize their security posture.
Threat Prevention Go beyond typical intrusion prevention system (IPS) to inspect all traffic for threats, regardless of port, protocol or encryption and automatically blocks known vulnerabilities, malware, exploits, spyware, and command-and-control. Customers can import, sanitize, manage and completely automate workflows to rapidly apply IPS signatures in popular formats such as SNORT and Suricata, adding to our existing leading threat coverage.
URL Filtering Protect your organization against web-based threats such as phishing, malware and command-and-control. In-line machine learning identifies and prevents new and unknown malicious websites instantly, before they can be accessed by users. Web security rules are an extension of your NGFW policy, reducing complexity by giving you a single policy set to manage.
WildFire Leverage cloud-based malware detection and multiple analysis techniques to identify and protect against unknown file-based threats, while resisting attacker evasion techniques. WildFire’s unique real-time signature streaming capability ensures your organization is protected against previously unknown threats in seconds after they are first discovered. In an industry first, WildFire deploys inline machine learning modules on the NGFW to identify and prevent new and unknown file-based threats, protecting users before a threat can even enter your network.
Enterprise Data Loss Prevention As a cloud service, Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP solution discovers, monitors and protects an organization’s sensitive data, such as PII and intellectual property, minimizing the risk of data breaches and enhancing data privacy and compliance. Embedded in Prisma SaaS and Prisma Access, our service uses the same configuration and detection rules at both control points, providing consistent data protection everywhere, eliminating the need of creating and maintaining separate sets of policies.
Deployment options
Deploy our security subscriptions where and when you need them. They work seamlessly with our family of firewalls:
Physical appliances Choose from a range of Next-Generation Firewall physical appliances that are easy to deploy in your enterprise network and purposefully designed for simplicity, automation integration and performance as well as Zero Trust network segmentation.
Virtualized firewalls Protect your private and public cloud deployments with our virtualized firewalls that are designed for scale and provide consistent security and superior integration with cloud infrastructures.
Cloud-based security Get access and security to the public cloud, SaaS, internet, internal data center and other locations as a better alternative to remote access VPN and software-defined perimeter.
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Customer stories

British Columbia Ministry of Education The British Columbia Ministry of Education was looking to apply standard network and security practices across the province, while empowering individual schools to tailor security measures to meet their own policies and educational needs. By deploying the Palo Alto Networks security solutions, the ministry was able to provide schools throughout British Columbia with secure access to the applications and online resources they need to maximize educational opportunities. Continue reading
SunRice As SunRice expanded its operations, its challenges of providing IT services mushroomed, resulting in operationalizing a new data center. As SunRice migrated to Palo Alto Networks security solutions, its realized savings began to pile up from benefits of subscriptions to Threat Prevention, URL Filtering with PAN-DB, and the WildFire cloud-based malware analysis environment. Continue reading
CAME Group CAME was uniquely challenged to provide a network architecture that ensured both secure network access and secure endpoints. Targeted attacks by malware were frequently infiltrating their network, disrupting productivity and creating unpredictable remediation costs. With Palo Alto Networks next-generation security solutions, CAME successfully prevented cyberthreats from infiltrating its endpoint devices and network. Continue reading
Bank Central Asia One of Indonesia’s leading retail banks, Bank Central Asia needed advanced security protection. To upgrade its firewall security and reduce administrator workloads, the bank put advanced security protections in place with Palo Alto Networks single rule-based next-generation firewalls bundled with Threat Prevention, URL Filtering and WildFire subscriptions. Continue reading
Fisher-Titus Medical Center Potential vulnerabilities in its medical devices, increased cyberthreats and an expanding facility prompted the medical center to replace its end-of-life legacy firewalls and scale out with Palo Alto Networks security solutions. After implementing our solutions, Fisher-Titus gained more granular control to prevent unauthorized applications from accessing its medical devices and also created user- and application-specific policies to manage which applications and systems individual users are permitted to access based on their roles. Continue reading