WeBot Can Turn Any PC into a Streaming Media Server

Oct 18, 2007
1 minutes

ALERT - WeBot is an application that turns your computer into a streaming media server. WeBot allows users to gain real-time access to their digital media files at home via an Internet enabled computer. In addition to providing immediate access from an Internet enabled computer, WeBot even makes it possible to stream music and pictures directly to an iPhone which prevents the need for syncing and filling up limited iPhone memory. WeBot is currently in beta, but the desktop application already supports Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X, with a Linux client coming soon.

Palo Alto Networks customers received an App-ID update (App update 32-180) earlier this week that provides coverage for identifying and controlling WeBot application traffic along with 8 other new applications. Palo Alto Networks added WeBot as a response to a submission on the Palo Alto Networks Research Center Submit an Application site. If you have an application that you don't see covered in our Applipedia, and you need to understand its impact on your network, we invite you to submit it here.

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