If It Works Here, It'll Work Everywhere

Jan 13, 2008
1 minutes

ANALYSIS – As more and more schools look to gain visibility into the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) and other applications running on their networks, UC Santa Cruz, arguably one of the more liberal and vocal members of the UC system, has implemented P2P control policies. Maybe they figured if it works here, they can implement across the UC system? Whatever the thought process, the students are rebelling to the point that a mechanism to bypass the control mechanism has been published. Universities in general are between a rock and a hard place here. They need to make an effort to support information access and free speech but they also need to protect themselves and the network. But perhaps UCSC should have moved a bit more slowly into the P2P blocking fray, perhaps starting with monitoring and notification to heavy users and then blocking? No matter. The cat is out of the bag. This one should be fun to watch.

Click here to view the P2P Blog article.

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