Dogs and Cats Living Together?

Oct 14, 2008
2 minutes

ANALYSIS – This SearchSecurity article discusses the need for businesses units to not only talk with security teams but to go so far as to establish a partnership that benefits the company bottom line. Just imagine, business units and security teams working together to enable application usage and move projects forward smoothly and efficiently as opposed to being told NO before the question is even complete. Next thing you know dogs and cats are living together in harmony.

The reduction of risk is not all about security. It is about making the right choices to benefit the business. And those choices must be done in an informed manner, so that when it comes to rolling out the newest, popular application, the decision needs to consider the following business and security risks.

  • Will the application expose the company to possible data loss as a result of unauthorized or unmonitored file transfer.
  • Does the application expose the business unit to possible compliance issues (both internal policies or external regulations).
  • Will the application increase the operational costs though excessive bandwidth and IT manpower consumption.
  • Is employee productivity going increase, decrease or maintain as a result of the new application.
  • How will the new application effect business continuity (application or network downtime), brought on by propagation of malware or application vulnerability exploits.

By partnering for the benefit of the company, security and the business units can make prudent, informed decisions on the rollout of new applications. The result? Dogs and cats living in harmony.

Click here to view the SearchSecurity article.

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