Another Sign That The Application Landscape has Changed

Feb 23, 2009
1 minutes

This NetworkWorld article talks about the new LotusLive suite of collaborative applications from IBM. The cool thing about this article is that it is taking LotusNotes, one of the original "enterprise applications" and making it available as a set of cloud-based applications. Even cooler is that it is IBM - known to be more conservative than most in terms of how it develops and deploys applications. The article also notes that LotusLive will be partnered with LinkedIn, Skype and

Now the question becomes this: if a user browses to, how will the companies existing port-based firewall delineate between the myriad of applications and threats flowing through port 80 and the business being conducted on LotusLive? Hint: it'll all look the same! Surely the IPS and URL filtering will take care of it. Maybe, maybe not. If anything, today's threats have shown that they can bypass traditional security infrastructure.

Certainly this signifies the continued changes in the application landscape. But when will the security catch up?

Click here to view the NetworkWorld article.

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