Iron Man and Next-Generation Firewalls

Gartner's research on next-generation firewalls and how they are changing the enterprise firewall marketplace is pretty compelling.  And the recommendation to migrate from traditional firewalls and IPS to next generation firewalls at refresh time is very clear.  Here's your chance to hear from Greg Young, Gartner Research VP, and one of the authors of the 2010 Enterprise Firewall Magic Quadrant.  And catch the premier of what is likely to be one of the hottest movies of the year.

Iron Man 2 is premiering on May 7th - and for our friends in 15 cities in North America, we're buying the tickets on opening day.  You'll hear from Gartner, a few very excited Palo Alto Networks customers, and a little about the future of Palo Alto Networks.  Oh yeah, and Tony Stark.  Check out the trailer, and register to attend one of the North American premiers.