Tune into Enterprise 2.0 Webcast Featuring Forrester Research

Jun 15, 2010
2 minutes

Palo Alto Networks' Application Usage and Risk Report has regularly reported on the facts of Enterprise 2.0 application use in large organizations.  In many cases, users employ nearly any application they want, despite IT's efforts at control.  But what about the reasons, causes, and concerns behind the adoption and use of Enterprise 2.0 applications?  What policies (if any) has enterprise IT developed to address these new applications, and how equipped are they to enforce them?

Recently, Forrester Research conducted a survey of IT decision makers from large enterprises in North America and Europe to gauge their attitudes toward Enterprise 2.0 applications and understand their policies and procedures for controlling their usage.  The goal was to answer a few key questions:

  • What types of Enterprise 2.0 applications are being adopted and what security risks do they pose?
  • What policies do organizations have in place that govern appropriate use of these applications?
  • Which control mechanisms do IT departments have today vs. what they need?
  • What steps can an organization take for the safe enablement of Enterprise 2.0 applications?

Jonathan Penn from Forrester Research will be reviewing the findings and conclusions from this research in a live webinar with me on June 24th.  Please join us for what is sure to be an illuminating discussion on Enterprise 2.0.  Register here.

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