New Twitter Video Available

Jul 30, 2010
1 minutes

We have just recently added the latest in our ongoing series of videos where we put the spotlight on a particular application and dig deeper into specifically how companies are using the application, the risks that it introduces to an enterprise and how to mitigate them. This week Twitter goes on the hot seat and you may surprised what you learn.

For instance, we will cover that the "teenage" perception of Twitter is largely unfounded and why Twitter is a new favorite technology for businesses. We'll also cover a brief history of the security challenges Twitter has experienced over the years including public battles with hackers, public battles with the FTC and all the nasty things that can happen when the President's Twitter account gets hacked. Then of course we will dive into specifically how to mitigate these and future Twitter risks, and how security teams can safely enable Twitter for your enterprise users. Take a look, and as always, let us know what you think.

Twitter Application Spotlight

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