Jun 08, 2012
1 minutes

Growing up in the Netherlands, I was placed in a classic Dutch dilemma. As a beer drinking nation, I was faced with endless choices and each brand had its loyal fans who could explain why their brew was truly unique. Bavaria always stood out to me as special: family-owned, family-run for 7 generations, first to market with a non-alcoholic beer, presence in more than 120 countries, and the list of values and virtues goes on and on. At Palo Alto Networks we are proud to have been chosen by such a great company. We’re trying hard to share the values that Bavaria has demonstrated since 1719: first to market, responsive to what our customers want, and rapid expansion while maintaining our focus.

Enjoy the story of their decision to select Palo Alto Networks as their Next-Generation Firewall.

As a side note, few countries have as many words to describe it and its citizens as mine: Netherlands, Holland, Dutch, Low Countries, cheese heads…and the list goes on and on.

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