Raymond James Financial, a Customer Snapshot

Sep 19, 2012
1 minutes

Today we announced that global financial firm Raymond James Financial is working with Palo Alto Networks as they undergo a legacy firewall migration to better serve their business.

As we’ve talked about in the past, we are always after telling our customers’ success stories. Our focus continues to be on making our customers successful through a safe application enablement approach to network security. That’s what really matters in the end to us and them.

When a customer publicly states they’re working with us though, we find it very flattering as well as it reaffirms that we as an organization and our products are doing what we’ve committed to. So thank you to Raymond James for choosing to work with us and we’re very pleased you’ve chosen to be a part of the Palo Alto Networks extended family. We enjoy working with you and helping you transform network security within your organization.

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