Spotlight On Ignite 2014: Your Next-Generation Cybersecurity Strategy

Jan 09, 2014
2 minutes

Welcome to Spotlight On Ignite 2014, in which we'll look closely at many of the tracks, sessions and activities slated for this year's Ignite conference. This is also a space to find important updates on this year's event -- everything from keynote presentation announcements to logistical details as we prepare for Vegas.

Ignite 2014 is a commitment and we want to make sure you're getting the most you can out of your time with us. To that end, we've designed many of our presentation tracks based on your specific feedback, and our marquee track, Building a Next-Generation Cybersecurity Strategy, is no exception.

The guiding principle is "real-world": you'll hear from real-world enterprise security practitioners about using real-world techniques to stop real-world cyberattacks. You'll hear from some of the best of the best at Palo Alto Networks, including some of the newer team members who arrived with our recent acquisition of Morta Security. You'll also gain access to exclusive research detailing what our malware researchers see coming and how Palo Alto Networks plans to help you combat these threats.

Here are the currently scheduled sessions with this track:

  • Taking the Burden Off IT: The Next-Generation Security Platform
  • A Practical Approach to Threat Prevention
  • Threats from the Inside Out
  • Malware Deconstructed
  • Trends in Threat and Risk
  • Introduction to Malware Analysis with WildFire

Check back with us next week for a look at Ignite 2014 keynote speakers. For now, continue to follow Ignite 2014 on Twitter (@Ignite_Conf), and if you still haven't registered for Ignite 2014, do so before January 31 to save $100.



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