Protect Your Retail Operations from Cyber Attacks: Why, What, and How

Jan 25, 2015
2 minutes

If you are responsible for security, cyber incident response, network operations, network architecture, information security, or compliance in general for a retailer, join us this Wednesday, January 28 for an interactive online event on the topic of security for retail operations. This event is organized in partnership with the SANS Institute.


Good use of technology including innovations is critical for retailers to remain competitive and maintain margins. Many retail processes have been digitalized within the globalized supply chain, throughout distribution channels, and to improve the customer experience online and in stores.

Retailers have tended to purchase security solutions in silos, with different divisions adopting different products and vendors based on the specific needs at the time. What’s more, the need for tighter security is often overshadowed by the mandate to achieve compliance. As a result, many retailers lag behind other industries with regards to security, which makes them easier targets than banks for cybercriminals trying to steal credit card information.

The high profile breaches that took place in 2014 have lit a fire under many retailers to rapidly upgrade their security infrastructure, and take steps towards an architecture that accounts for every component and entity in their value chain so that they can gain visibility into risks and vulnerabilities everywhere on their network, at all times, including in their POS environment.

If you want to learn more about top considerations to take into account to strengthen your security, gain visibility into where you might be most at risk, and how to leverage next-generation security, join us for an interactive webinar put together in partnership with the SANS Institute:

Avoid Making the Headlines: Protect Your Retail Business from Cyber Attacks

  • Date and time: Wednesday, January 28 at 1:00 PM EST (18:00:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford (SANS Institute) and Isabelle Dumont (Palo Alto Networks)
  • Register:

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