Securing Large-Scale Network Architectures Without Adding Complexity

Jan 14, 2015
1 minutes

Large-scale network architectures, including private cloud and service provider networks, rely on a complex mix of routing protocols, virtualization, SDN, and Orchestration/Programmability  priorities to function properly. Palo Alto Networks virtual firewalls fit into many of these large-scale network architectures, supporting multiple hypervisors, private and public cloud vendors, multiple routing protocols, and orchestration integration via our open APIs. 

In this interview by Ivan Pepelnjak, we talk about some of these networking priorities and how Palo Alto Networks virtual firewalls can be deployed into these architectures, without adding unnecessary complexity. Networking teams are focused largely on scale, routing support, and orchestration, and Ivan's interviews have a wide reach into this community and what these teams care about.

Please listen to hear a broad overview of how Palo Alto Networks integrates into these large-scale network environments.

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