Video: Talking Prevention and Keeping Governments Secure at FIC 2015

Feb 04, 2015
2 minutes

Palo Alto Networks recently participated in the International Forum on Cybersecurity, or FIC 2015, in Lille, France. Among our activities at this important conference, Arnaud Kopp, CTO for Southern Europe, spoke to to cover cybersecurity trends and how to employ a prevention-based approach to protecting critical interests in enterprise and government.

You can view the interview, in French, here. And see below for translated quotes from Arnaud's comments.

On the nature of enterprise threats:

"Today, companies face two main types of threats. First, those the enterprise can see immediately, such as website cyberattacks. The impact is very low and we can compare it to graffiti on a wall. The second type of attack is one companies don't see before, during, or immediately after an attack. These attacks have economic and financial [implications] -- they try to reach into the strategic assets of business, such as customer data."

On protecting states from cybersecurity challenges:

"States are not spared from attacks. Palo Alto Networks works closely with governments and states to provide them with the best platform available. We are very involved with the [government] ecosystem, and recently participated in the Combined Endeavour exercises. We train, inform and share best practices with the different participants."

On prevention vs. remediation:

"Today, thinking of cybersecurity only via remediation is not appropriate. It is already too late. A predictive, analytic approach to cybersecurity, with remediation, is what we recommend an explain to clients and partners. We have also created a consortium, the Cyber Threat Alliance, where leading vendors in cybersecurity share threat intelligence, knowledge and best practices to help the overall ecosystem."

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