Unit 42 Takes New Research On the Road This Spring


Members of Unit 42  are on the road this spring! Check out where you’ll be able to find them in March and April 2015:

  • National Defense University Cyber Talks: Washington, D.C., March 16-20, 2015
  • Palo Alto Networks Ignite Conference 2015: Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, March 30-April 1, 2015
    • March 31: Who’s In Your Network and Why? (Adversaries and Their Motivations), Rob Downs, Intelligence Analyst, Palo Alto Networks
    • March 31: How To: Threat Intelligence Analysis With CRITs, Jen Miller-Osborn, Intelligence Analyst, Palo Alto Networks; Vishaal Hariprasad, Intelligence Architect, Palo Alto Networks
    • April 1: iOS Malware: New Techniques, Trends and Ecosystems, Claud Xiao, Malware Research Engineer, Palo Alto Networks
  • RSA Conference 2015: Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, April 20-24, 2015
    • April 20: Information Security Leadership Development: Surviving as a Security Leader, Rick Howard, CSO, Palo Alto Networks
    • April 21: Powering Your Threat Intel Team with Off-the-Shelf Tools, Ryan Olson, Intelligence Director, Palo Alto Networks
    • April 21 & 22: The Evolution of the Cybersecurity Executive Trifecta: The CSO/CIO/CISO, Rick Howard, CSO, Palo Alto Networks
    • April 23: More Books You Should Have Read By Now: The Cybersecurity Canon Project, Rick Howard, CSO, Palo Alto Networks

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