Customer Spotlight: Smooth Sailing for Big Boats

Apr 22, 2015
1 minutes

Every year, MSC Cruises takes more than 1.5 million travelers around the world, stopping in places such as Northern Europe, South Africa and the French Antilles. It has a presence in 45 countries, with 12 ultramodern ships in its fleet. But with the cruise industry as competitive as ever, MSC needs to make sure it can cater to all its customers' varied needs and provide secure communications and connectivity even in far-flung locales -- or on the high seas.

msc cruises

MSC turned to its trusted IT partners, Digitaria International SA and NGS Srl, which recommended Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Security Platform. I invite you to read about how MSC Cruises gained better control over its applications and the traffic traversing its network in order to provide better connectivity for its staff and guests, reduce network administration headaches, and provide a world-class experience in an industry where word-of-mouth on service can really have a ripple effect.

Read our MSC Cruises case study now in English or Italian.

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