How to Architect for Prevention Against Cyber Adversaries

May 22, 2015
1 minutes
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Current assumptions are that today’s adversaries move through the cyber attack lifecycle step-by-step, using the most advanced tools, techniques, and tactics to carry out their objectives. In reality, there’s no set template for every advanced attack, and adversaries follow the path of least resistance. Adversaries have the potential to cause irrevocable damage to organizations with even simple, but proven, methods.

Fortunately, breaches can be stopped if organizations and enterprises adopt a threat prevention-based mindset.

Watch this on-demand webinar, hosted by Scott Simkin, that takes a detailed look at the anatomy of real attacks carried out by advanced adversaries, and how to stop these attacks. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What varying tools, techniques, and processes advanced attackers are really using
  • Why you need an intelligence-based approach that stops attacks at every point in the cyber attack lifecycle, no matter what form it takes
  • How to architect for prevention, while keeping a plan for detection

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