Strengthening Cybersecurity Ties In Eastern Europe and Why That Matters

May 08, 2015
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Palo Alto Networks is pleased to be part of a delegation of 20 United States-based technology companies participating in a Cybersecurity Trade Mission in Eastern Europe this month, led by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews.

The Trade Mission, which visits Bucharest, Romania, and Warsaw, Poland, May 11-15, is another important step toward fostering cooperation among businesses and governments to combat cyber threats and protect critical infrastructure. 

As the International Trade Administration noted in February, several nations in Central and Eastern Europe have begun to dedicate more federal and private sector resources to deal with complex cyber threats. Palo Alto Networks has seen this stepped-up activity firsthand and we remain committed to building business in the area. Leadership in the creation of such initiatives as the Cyber Threat Alliance underscores our belief in the importance of information sharing and providing actionable ways to enable public-private partnership.

Discussions like these are hugely important both in government and in industry. We've previously talked about the importance of cyber readiness activities, for example, and how they can identify strengths and gaps in our collective skill sets. But cyber readiness exercises don't happen -- and real actions aren't taken -- until we can all come to the table and start to collaborate. Readiness begins with prevention, through the right combination of people, process and technology.

We look forward to a fruitful week of discussions with business and government leaders in Poland and Romania!

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