Better Network Security for Distributed Enterprises

Jun 26, 2015
2 minutes

As recent breaches have shown, attackers are quick to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that distributed environments introduce. Security teams need to be fast in updating both the effectiveness and efficiency of their security architecture and controls to prevent breaches.

Globally distributed business operations face a number of security risks, including:

  • Access rules that differ among business units and vary by geography within a business unit, resulting in such a large number of security rules that are nearly impossible to keep up to date
  • Network topologies and addressing schemes that not only vary across entities, but can also change rapidly as local technology migration decisions are made
  • Access control policies based on traditional port/protocol approaches, resulting in complex and unmanageable firewall rulesets that often provide little more than a false sense of security
  • Lack of technology consistency, even when a solution is purchased from a single vendor
  • Inconsistencies in log and reporting data, making it difficult to see patterns of attack or indications of a breach in progress

Are you doing all you can to protect your environment? Get your copy of the SANS Institute's recent whitepaper, "Conquering Network Security Challenges in Distributed Enterprises" to learn more about achieving faster detection, increased prevention and continuous monitoring of threats, all without affecting business productivity.


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