Good Patch Management Is Crucial to Cybersecurity in ICS

Jun 02, 2015
1 minutes

A good cybersecurity strategy for industrial control systems (ICS) must include both a systematic approach to patch management and compensating cybersecurity controls for when patching is not an option. Patch management resolves bugs, operability, reliability, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The ISA-TR62443‑2‑3 technical report, developed by the ISA 99 Working Group 6, addresses the patch management aspect of ICS cybersecurity.

The topics of patch management and compensating controls are covered in an on-demand webinar that is part of our ongoing series on ICS cybersecurity.

Hear from Bill Cotter (co-leader of the IEC62443 Patch Management working group), Joe Weiss (Managing Director of ISA99) and myself on several topics including:

  • The unique aspects of ICS that entail a different and more rigorous approach to patch management than that used in business networks
  • An overview of the ISA 99 standards efforts with detail review of the main aspects of the ISA-TR62443-2-3 Technical Report on Patch Management in IACS
  • Advancements in compensating cybersecurity controls (network and endpoint based) for protecting systems from known and zero-day threats

We hope that you find the webinar interesting and helpful as you develop your ICS cybersecurity strategy. For more on Palo Alto Networks solutions for ICS, head here.


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