Tech Docs: Get to Know PAN-OS 7.1

PAN-OS 7.1 is a milestone release, packed with features requested by you, our amazing customers!

Get the Most out of the PAN-OS 7.1 Documentation

To find a complete list of features, we recommend that you start with the PAN-OS 7.1 Release Notes. The release notes also provide known issues, software compatibility information, and addressed issues.

For more in-depth feature coverage, check out our New Feature Guide for 7.1. This guide provides upgrade procedures, and describes all of the exciting new features introduced in PAN-OS 7.1 and how to configure them.

And finally, for complete workflows and best practices, check out our Administrator’s Guides for PAN-OS, Panorama, GlobalProtect, WildFire, Virtualization, and AutoFocus.

Or, if you prefer to search across the entire 7.1 documentation suite, select the 7.1 facet from the tech docs search page and enter an optional search term.

Revamped PAN-OS 7.1 XML API Usage Guide

Included with the PAN-OS 7.1 documentation is the revamped and enriched PAN-OS and Panorama XML API Usage Guide! To administer Panorama and to manage the Palo Alto Networks firewalls, use the guide to familiarize yourself with the XML API:

  • See how the API works: Learn how to structure and authenticate API requests. Use XML and XPath to target specific settings and actions.
  • Make your first API call: Get your API key and make a simple request to the PAN-OS XML API.
  • Explore the API: Look through the various ways you can construct your XML requests.
  • Behold the possibilities of the API: Walk through the primary use cases to accomplish tasks such as upgrading firewalls, managing GlobalProtect users, and querying multiple firewalls through Panorama, and then use the API innovatively for your needs.

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Have you used the PAN-OS XML API? Share how you use the XML API and we may feature your use case in an upcoming version of the PAN-OS XML API documentation.

Questions or Comments?

For questions or comments about new features in PAN-OS 7.1, contact your SE or account representative.