Tech Docs: Close the Door on Threats to Your OpenStack Environment

Apr 03, 2017
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Thanks to its power and flexibility, OpenStack is gaining traction in the world of cloud management platforms and being adopted by large enterprises and managed security service providers. But without the right security solution, the door is open for threats to enter your network and compromise your data.

Enter the VM-Series firewall for OpenStack! The VM-Series firewall for OpenStack brings all the features and functionality of our next-generationisometric_blog1 firewall to your OpenStack environment. Using Heat Orchestration templates, you can automate the deployment of the VM-Series firewall on the KVM hypervisor running on a Nova compute node in your Mirantis 8.0 OpenStack environment, with Contrail 3.2 handling networking functions. We have created the heat templates and VM-Series bootstrapping files you need to deploy the VM-Series firewall on OpenStack, with some basic configuration. Our heat templates launch the VM-Series firewall, a Linux server behind the VM-Series firewall, as well as ports and IP addresses to connect to the VM-Series and server.

Get started in four easy steps:

  1. Download the zip file that includes heat templates and VM-Series bootstrapping files from GitHub.
  2. Customize them to fit your network.
  3. Deploy the heat templates from your OpenStack controller.
  4. Once your firewall is up and running, lock down the security policy.

The VM-Series Deployment Guides, versions 7.1 and 8.0,  have the information you need to start protecting you OpenStack environment.

As always, you can find our content on the Technical Documentation page.

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